Competition Team Prepares for 2012

SSG Josh Coleman stows reserve lines as SPC Jesse Stahler observes.


The Golden Knights’ Competition Team had a great 2011 season, and is now preparing for 2012. First things first- parachute maintenance. The Competition Team has 34 parachute systems that must be serviced and maintained throughout the year. The majority of work falls on the shoulders of the 5 certified Parachute Riggers within the Competition Team.


Reserve parachutes must be opened, inspected, and repacked every 180 days. The Riggers are extremely meticulous when packing these life-saving devices, taking well over an hour to complete one reserve parachute. In comparison, a main parachute is repacked in under 10 minutes. As Golden Knights, we literally trust our lives in the hands of our Teammates, and we have total confidence in them.

SFC Kurt Isenbarger attaches a new line to the canopy.


On an average year, Competitors make between 500-800 jumps, and the parachute lines do wear as you would expect. As such, Competitors must replace line sets every 400 jumps. This is no easy task, as every line must be attached to a specific place on the parachute to provide the proper trim for glide angle and performance. In preparation for the 2012 season, the majority of the 34 parachute systems will receive a new line set as well as a fresh reserve pack. With all of the parachute maintenance complete, the Golden Knights’ Competition Team will be fully mission ready for the 2012 Competition Season, where they will represent the USA at the 2012 World Parachuting Championships in Dubai.

SSG Justin Blewitt and SFC Kurt Isenbarger focus while attaching new lines.


SPC Jesse Stahler packs a reserve under the supervision of SSG Josh Coleman.






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