Golden Knights Close Out 2011 in El Paso.

Every year, Golden Knights are invited to El Paso, Texas to close out the year by taking part in the Sun Bowl. Each year, the Sun Bowl is held on New Year’s Eve in this unique stadium, cut out of the mountainside of western Texas. This has become one of our most sought-after traditions as we close out each year’s show season.

As the Golden Knight’s C-31 Troopship flew overhead we heard the call for Hot Target. We were given the winds and SFC Tom Dunning began directing the aircraft to the Team’s exit point. Following the “Stand by,” the Team exited and conducted the final performance of 2011. From 2,500 ft, the smoke was ignited and every Team member flew the Army black and gold colors into El Paso.

Every jumper was pleased to be dealt smooth winds, allowing for tip-toe landings on the field. It was our honor to bring in the game ball, yet again. SFC Tom Dunning presented it to the Ft. Bliss Command, live on CBS and Sports Center. Additionally, CBS was eager to air the Team’s footage, as well.

Following the jump, we were proud to present a VIP lithograph to Tomi Rystead as our gratitude for her 30 years of service to the Sun Bowl Association.

Black Team looks forward to what 2012 has to offer. We’re happy to enter with a clean slate, positive impression and a full schedule.


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