Week One Nears an End for Black Team

As the first week of winter training nears an end, Black Team’s newer jumpers begin to show some major improvements in several aspects. The first week of Winter Training hones in the concepts of target accuracy and narration, while allowing the newer members to intigrate into their respective Team’s daily activities.

As the Team continues to add to the growing jump log, each Team member learns how their new canopy flies and lands. Minor adjustments are completed and we all look forward to beginning the start of scored accuracy landings. Not only does this create a healthy intra-team competition, it also provides a visual representation of each Team member’s progression and abilities under their canopy.

Black Team is trying a new approach, with training their newer jumpers how to set themselves up for a proper accuracy landing. With the intigration of smaller cameras, their addition to a jumper’s helmet becomes far less cumbersome. Black Team’s experienced jumpers record and talk through their entire approach and landing, while sharing what they are looking at, thinking about, and adjusting for, in their attempt to achieve the desired, “Dead Center” landing.

Take a small peek into our training video collection from this Wednesday’s jumps.


Black Team is expecting a steep learning curve over the next weeks of Winter Training, and expects nothing but continuous improvements and hard work from every member of the Team.

Next week, the pen and paper come out at ground control, as we begin scoring our landings…

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  • http://www.John-Michael.net John Michael

    Outstanding! Wish I could be there with you to get some great looks and photos from the ground…


    John Michael
    “Preserving the memories so others will remember…” ™

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