FLCPA Meet #1

The Florida Canopy Piloting League is off and running.  The first meet of the year was this past weekend at Skydive City in Zephyrhills, FL.  This competition was a little different than most for SFC Greg Windmiller.  There were newly proposed rules in place, and there were four Black and Gold canopies in the air.  SSG Joe Abeln the newest member of the Canopy Piloting team and SSG Jared Zell and SSG Aaron Figel of the Tandem Team helped fill the skies with Army colors.

The new rule changes brought a new level of difficulty to the competition.  Competitors must drag their foot through the water gates in all three events of the meet, not just for the  Zone Accuracy event.   This means that Canopy Pilots will be attempting to drag water at even higher rates of speed than before.   SFC Greg Windmiller performed extremely well with the new rule changes taking 4th place out of 44 competitors.

Once the meet was finished the team took part in a time honored Golden Knight tradition, the Knighting Ceremony of Honorary Golden Knight, Al Berchtold. Al was nominated by the team for his dedication and selfless service to the Golden Knights and the sport of Canopy Piloting.  SFC Windmiller performed the Knighting Ceremony before a packed room of competitors, skydivers and friends.  Al knelt before SFC Windmiller and repeated the last line of the Golden Knights Creed.  “When I have gained the respect, admiration and gratitude of the American Public and my teammates, then I have fulfilled my mission as a Golden Knight.”  Its an Honor to welcome Al Berchtold to the GK family.

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