For New Guys

Sergeant Earl Scott who works with the Pentagon Channel to produce episodes for their new show “For New Guys” was quite amazed to see what it takes to be a Golden Knight. The new program concentrates on Soldiers going through intense training to be selected into the Army’s most elite units.

   Scott came to Fort Bragg, North Carolina to do a tandem jump with the world famous US Army Parachute Team ,Golden Knights and to find out exactly what it takes to go through the rigorous Assessment and Selection Program, which is conducted annually beginning in September and ending in late October.

   The show began with SGT Scott spending a week with the sixteen candidates “tryouts” to see, interview and experience the actual training and work each individual has to get through to reach the ranks of the Army’s only sanctioned Department of Defense Parachute Team.  

Sergeant 1st Class Tom Dunning, said ”I have to be hard on the candidates to assure that only the most qualified, people make it through the process.”   Sergeant 1st Class Greg Windmiller said, “The most important thing about training is build team work and cohesion with the group of candidates.”

   Sergeant Scott joined them daily out at Laurinburg/Maxton Drop zone where the team conducts the intense training to see how some progressed, a few had jump injuries and even two had to pack their bags and go.


   He also had the opportunity to do a tandem parachute jump with SGT Jon Ewald and have the experience of a life time jumping from over two and a half miles above the earth and said he was ready to put in an application for the Team as soon as he made 100 jumps.

   You can get an application to apply for the Golden Knight Assessment and Selection at the Team’s web site.





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