Golden Knights prepare for Indoor Skydiving Competition 2012

The Golden Knight 8-way and Golden Knight Female 4-way Teams are both back in competition mode.  This weekend, the Paraclete XP Skyventure is hosting the Indoor Skydiving Championships 2012.  GK8 and GKF4 will compete in the 4-way Formation Skydiving and the 8-way Formation Skydiving events.

Each day this week, the two teams will train in the tunnel, focusing on different aspects of the upcoming competition.  Unlike traditional competitions from aircraft, the tunnel competition requires a unique approach to exits and the dive pool for 8-way.  Certain formations from the 8-way dive pool are altered or deleted completely due to size constraints and safety concerns.  Another issue with a tunnel competition is when to start the working time.  In 8-way, the 50 seconds of working time begins when the team launches/leaves the net while in 4-way, the 45 seconds of working time begins when the feet of the jumpers leave the door.  Check out this short video of some of our training sessions.  There is a top view camera mounted in the tunnel while some of the other footage was taken by SFC Brian Krause.  Stay tuned here for updates on the competition and the team’s progress. You can follow the team’s progress on the GK4way fan page. And make sure you “Like” us.


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