Competition Team Starts Strong in 2012

The Golden Knights 8way Team won Gold at the 2012 Indoor Skydiving Championships held at the Paraclete XP wind tunnel in Raeford, NC.  With 11 total 8way teams competing, GK8 set a new team best high score of 289 points in 10 rounds, 54 points ahead of the 2nd place team XPX 8.

SFC Brian Krause, SFC Sean Sweeney, SFC Kurt Isenbarger, SFC Larry Miller, SFC Justin Blewitt, SSG Mike LaRoche, SFC Josh Coleman, SFC Matt Davidson

In the 4way event 12 teams competed in the open class, including the 2011 US National Champions in 4way- Arizona Airspeed.  The GK Gold 4way team finished in 3rd place with 273 points, only 4 points behind the 2nd place team.  A top 3 finish is a very respectable accomplishment, as 4way is a secondary mission for the Golden Knights 8way Team.  The GK Black and Female 4way teams finished 5th and 6th respectively, with both teams performing personal best in wind tunnel competition.

GK Gold 4way- SFC Sean Sweeney, SFC Kurt Isenbarger, SFC Brian Krause, SFC Matt Davidson

The Competition Team will get back in the air this week as they continue their Winter Training at the Team’s training dropzone in Laurinburg, NC.  In 5 weeks time, the Competition Team will travel to Deland, Florida for the 2012 Shamrock Showdown, where all 3 GK 4way teams will compete and GK8 will once again face off with the Russian 8way Team.

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