Homestead invaded by UFO? Nope just the Golden Knights

Gold-Team-Night-Mass,-Photo-by-SSG-Chris-AcevedoOn 16 February, the Golden Knights conducted night jumps as part of the annual winter training. As usual the Team sparks calls to the local authorities and news channels, this year was no different. Most people are asleep at 3a.m but not the Team. Our day starts off with night jumps from 4500 feet stack outs. The Team’s work their way up to normal jump altitude of 13,500 feet and conduct mass jumps at night with pyrotechnics. And, this is where the UFO sightings start. From a distance it looks like a meteor, but then all of a sudden the streak of light stops and hovers. Slowly across the night sky more lights emerge then dissappear. Its easy to see how the public can mistake this for UFO’s. However it’s just the Golden Knights doing night practice jumps.





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