7 Golden Knights Jump Their First Demo

 The 2012 Demonstration season has finally begun for the newest members of the Golden Knights. While at our Winter Training site in Homestead, the “New Guys” performed their first parachute jump into the 4th Annual Biscayne/Everglades Greenway Bike Festival.

A light fog drifted through the city of Homestead  but high above the sky was clear. For the Golden Knights standing at the doors at the rear of our C-31 Troopship Aircraft, flying over the city at 3,500 feet, the view was spectacular.

This morning’s demonstration at the Biscayne/ Everglades Greenway Bike Festival was a combined Black and Gold Demonstration Team effort. The new team members beamed confidence in their smiles and excitement in their signature handshakes on the plane. This was their first chance to show their Teammates that they could land on target anywhere, anytime, at any show site.

Staff Sergeant Rich Sloan jumped first as the narrarator of the show. His pristine salute out of the plane and dead center landing was a great way to start the show. On the next pass, the Gold Demonstration Team jumped followed by the Black Team on the last pass. As soon as the Golden Knights left the plane their training kicked in. Except for the small landing area surrounded by buildings and the cheering spectators it was like numerous times before in our strenuous training at Homestead Air Reserve Base. The target stayed the same size and everyone landed safely on it.

For many members of the Golden Knights this was a chance to build their experience. In the big picture it was an opportunity to show their gratitude to the great city of Homestead for letting us become a part of their community.

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    Nice pix gis and congrats…………blue skys and be safe


  • mynor

    Muchas gracias, soy Coronel del ejercito de guatemala, y paracaidista maestro de salto libre, desde hace mucho tiempo he querido saber que tipo o modelo de paracaidas usan para las exibiciones, he visto que son de 7 celdas paraceidos a los Para-Foil, pero no estoy seguro me podrian indicar el modelo o tipo de paracaidas, muchas gracias.

    • Daniel ALONSO

      Hola Coronel,
      Para contestar a su pregunta, usted podrá encontrar las respuestas a sus interrogaciones en la siguiente pagina

      Un saludo cordial,
      Daniel ALONSO

  • Melissa

    Congratulations Brian and the rest of the black and gold teams. It is going to be a great season for the GOLDEN KNIGHTS!

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