Staying Local

The down side of traveling away from Ft. Bragg constantly throughout the demonstration season is that the team does not get to perform for the local community that often.  Fortunately for the Gold Demonstration Team two performances came up inside of a week.  The Baldwin Elementary School was conducting their Outside Activities Day and gave the Knights a chance to give the students a thrill of a life time.  The jump was conducted in the early morning to kick off the day of fun and games for the students and faculty then was followed by the Jumpers being greeted by the students and allowing them to help pack their parachutes.  The demonstration was over early but then it was back to work to prepare for the next Jump in a couple of days.

The following local show was for the opening of the Raeford Mud Run held at the Wide Open MX Park.  It was another early day for the Gold Team as they prepare for the jump.  As the sun rose over the horizon the Golden Knights distinctively painted Twin Otter took off from Pope AAF.  The conditions were just right, clear skies and light winds just as forecasted.  The timeline was narrow for the team so as to not interfere with the runners but still went off without a hitch.  After the demonstration the jumpers were welcomed into the start area by the race coordinator and the team presented her with a Golden Knight Litho.  Some of the runners also had a chance to pose with the team before they started their muddy 10K race.  All together these local performances are sometimes the much needed break from the constant cross country traveling but most of all it is a way for the Golden Knights to say thank you to a very supportive community.

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