Black Team Joins Southern Wisconsin AirFEST

This weekend took Black Team to Janesville, Wisconsin for the Southern Wisconsin AirFest 2012. Janesville consistently hosts its AirFEST and keeps the Golden Knights in their regular attendance. While it may appear to be your traditional airshow, hosting a healthy line-up of impressive military and civilan acts, this airshow has a unique twist that always leaves Black Team eager to return.

After the first day of the air show, the performer social took Black Team to the skies for their third jump of the day. Hosting a lake-side party for the performers, a unique landing zone is provided. Floating on the lake is a lone trampoline, allowing one of the jumpers to transform a source of water entertainment into a parachute landing platform. SSG Howie Sanborn was eager to meet the challenge, demonstrating the accuracy that comes with the consistent training associated with being a Golden Knight demonstrator.

Although Friday night’s thunderstorms cancelled the night pyrotechnic jump, the rest of the weekend’s weather allowed for every performance to continue as planned. Each morning we had the opportunity to open the show by flying in our Nation’s colors to the National Anthem and both afternoons provided enough altitude for our Full Show.

Memorial Day Weekend is a very honorable and important time for any service-member. We have a chance to honor those who have secured our American way of life, some through the ultimate sacrifice. As Golden Knights, we specifically represent all the men and women of our US Army. We want to continuously thank the American public for their continued support for their efforts overseas each and every day. During this Memorial Day weekend, Black Team wanted the chance to make the opening ceremony a little more personal. As a special tribute, SSG Howie Sanborn proudly flew his grandfather’s American Flag to open Sunday’s show.

  • Carol

    So proud of my son, SSG Howie Sanborn. You are an amazing man!

  • Crp_86

    Howie, let me be the first to tell you how happy this town as a whole is to know you. Everyone I talk to that may know you have nothing but proud to know you!  You are great at what you do!

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