Fair St. Louis and the St. Louis Arch

How do you get to fly through the St Louis Arch?  Easy, be a Golden Knight at the 2012 Fair St Louis!  That is exactly what Black Team was able to do for the 4th of July celebration, held at the world renowned, St Louis Arch. To a crowd of over 75,000 people, Black Team performed two seperate parachute demonstrations using the St. Louis Arch as our backdrop.

The team stepped out over top of the Arch at our full jump altitude of 12,500 ft and put together two mass formations.  On each jump, after breaking the formation, each jumper was excited to be able to fly his landing pattern around, and then through the Arch for his final approach.

Amazingly, each jumper manuevered his parachute through the arch and perfomed signature target accuracy that the Golden Knights are known for.  At the top of our stack on each performance, Black Team put together canopy formations.  In the morning the team flew a side-by-side with a downplane through the Arch, and then a three-stack canopy formation in the afternoon.

What an amazing opportunity this airshow gave the Golden Knights!  We were extremely proud to be able to celebrate our counties independance by flying through the “Gateway to the West” with the great people of St Louis and we look forward to coming back again!


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