The Northwest Says Goodbye to the Gold Team

The Oregon International Air Show held in Hillsboro was the last stop on a three week trip the Gold Team took to the northwest.  This location offered the team an opportunity to jump into three different locations.  First was a jump in to the Yamhill County Fair and Rodeo where the Team jumped in to celebrate the opening of the Fair.  The jump was a great success and the team was welcomed with open arms and loud cheers as each of the jumpers landed.  Just after the jump the team cleared the arena to make way for the bull riding competition.  Only a few thousand were in attendance for the performance but all received a wonderful show and also had a chance to meet the Knights afterwards at the Army Recruiting Booth.  The second location was at the home of Bob Terry who is the Washington County Commissioner and a major supporter of the Air Show.  The jump was to open the social for the performers and volunteers of the Air Show.  There was a special guest in attendance at the social, Carl Deiz one of the original Tuskegee gave the team a few moments to show their appreciation for his service and take a few photos.  The show the team put on for the small crowd was just a preview of what was to come over the weekend.

On Friday the Gold Team put on two performances, an evening and a night jump.  The two jumps were for VIPs and special invites and all of whom received a front row seat to a world class performance.  Before and after the jumps the other acts performed to include the Thunderbirds, John Klatt’s stunt plane, and ending the night with 20 minute firework display.  The show was not just scene by the VIPs it was also viewed by hundreds of onlookers outside the airport gates.  Traffic was redirected away from the airport during the Air Show to prevent any serious accidents due to people stopping to see the acts.  On Saturday and Sunday the team got to really show off by putting on two full shows for over 150,000 said to be in  attendance.  The weather was perfect for the show and to also fulfill a promise for a tandem ride the Gold Team gave to SFC Leroy Petry back in Washington.  Medal of Honor recipient SFC Leroy Petry was given a chance to jump with the Knights while in Washington and also back at Laurinburg, NC where the Golden Knights train but bad weather put a hold on the
plans.  Luckily the clouds stayed away and SFC Noah Watts made the jump with SFC Petry and it all went off without a
hitch.  SFC Petry was very grateful for the opportunity and said it was one of the best things he had ever done.  All together the three week trip was a great success.

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