A Day at Lambeau Field

The Black Demonstration Team dropped in on the city of Greenbay, Wisconnsin this weekend.  Famed NFL football team, the Greenbay Packers, invited the Golden Knights to help kick off thier “Fan Appreciation Day” with a parachute demonstration into the legendary Lambeau Field.

To the tune of over 70,000 roaring Packers fans, the Golden Knights lept from our C-31 Friendship Aircraft mearly 2,500 ft above the stadium!  The Team Leader of the Black Demonstration Team, SFC Tom Dunning said, “Stadium jumps are my favorite because they always get my heart racing!”  This, coming from one of the most seasoned Knights on the Parachute Team! But, with a toss of the wind drift indicators, some practice runs over the stadium, and a lot of experience and teammates to back him up, SFC Dunning led Black Team out of the aircraft, onto Lambeau Field, and into the pages of the Packers history books!  This was the first time anyone had ever parachuted into Lambeau Field!

With each jumper performing signature Golden Knight landings, the team moved to the sidelines to greet enthusiastic fans. The team signed autographs, hats, and snapped photos with the fans.  Afterwards, Black Team moved into the upper box levels of the stadium.  The jump was covered by the local Fox news affiliate and is here for your viewing pleasure:




















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