Gold Team Returns to the Kemah Boardwalk

One year ago The Gold Demonstration Team flew to Kemah Texas to jump onto the Boardwalk for the “Salute to Military Service”.  Though the size of the target never changes, the area around it sure does-the Kemah Boardwalk is noted as one of the most difficult jumps of the year due to the buildings and trees surrounding it.  The Team took off as scheduled but was faced with weather conditions that were close to the limits for an area that size.  As the narrator, SFC Dustin Peregrin, stepped out of the aircraft he was faced with conditions beyond safety limits and proceeded to make the most difficult jump he had ever made.  After landing safely the call was made to cancel the rest of the jumpers and end the show early.  Even though jump did not go as planned the team was offered another chance to try again and redeem themselves. 

This year as the team took to the skies they were met with clouds that pushed the Golden Knights distinctively painted C-31 down to 2500 feet and looking to get worse in a short while.  Hopes were still high for the jumpers after hearing that the winds on the ground were light and coming out of the right direction making for an optimal approach to the boardwalk.  As the jumpers left the plane in a signature Golden Knight stack out fashion cheers from the over 2000 people surrounding the target could be heard.  The jump was a success as everyone made it in and hit the target one after another.  You couldn’t ask for more appreciation from not only the sponsors but the people of Texas as everyone within view of the event wanted to come talk to and take pictures with the team.  This jump concludes the travel season for the Gold Demonstration Team leaving only local jumps, the team can enjoy some long awaited downtime before heading off to winter training with the newest members of the Golden Knights.


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