Miami Beach Florida’s 2012 Veteran’s Day Parade

The Veterans of Foreign Wars hosted the 2012 Miami Beach Veteran’s Day Parade at Flamingo Park. Black Team was given the chance to perform the first parachute demonstration into this South Beach event. The Team was also afforded another very unique opportunity to put this event in the record books by jumping in the US Honor Flag. The US Honor Flag, which is registered national treasure to commemorate the events at ground zero on September 11, 2001, was flown in by SGT Jonathan Lopez.

The US Honor Flag pays tribute to those who have lost their lives in the line of duty, while protecting our lives, homes and country. It also represents those who currently serve to protect our communities and nation. This flag has traveled more miles than any other US flag in American history and has a very distinguished past. You can discover the Honor Flag’s full story at

Black Team had to overcome some of the tricky wind conditions of South Beach. Each of the jumpers landed safely and accurately, showing the product of quality training and discipline. The same quality shared across America’s Army. Our demonstrators landed to the cheers and applause of the very excited parade goers  filling the stands.  Concluding the Team’s performance was the ceremonial exchange of the Honor Flag back to the Miami Beach Police Department’s Honor Guard.


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