Black Team Visits Columbia Children’s Hospital

We are always honored to connect the Amercian people to America’s Army. Today we were privideged to spend time with some amazing children and their familes at the Children’s Hospital in Columbia, MO.

Shortly after arriving in town we went to the stadium to survey for tomorrow evening’s jump into the University of Missouri vs. Syracuse football game. Immediately following the visit to the stadium the team was proud to be a part of a heartwarming visit to the Children’s Hospital.

It is always a pleasant surprise to be welcomed with a host of smiles. We visited several rooms of children ranging from two yearls old to late teens. Their diagnosis’ varied from broken bones, to several rounds of chemotherapy and fighting cancer. Many were excited to find out that they would be able to see tomorrow night’s pyrotechnic jump from the Children’s Hospital!

The visit, which included passing out stickers, pins, brochures, and also performing gear demonstrations, was very moving. A couple of the children were even celebrating their opportunity to go home shortly after we finished our visit! Congratulations to those going home this evening and our thoughts will stay with those still in the great care of the Children’s Hospital.

  • Andrea Putnam

    We loved our visit. Thank you from the Putnam’s

  • Al Price

    This is just so cool, what they do for the kids and their familys!

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