Ending a Great Year

The Sun Bowl is the second oldest college bowl game in the United States right behind the Rose Bowl and is played at the end of the year in El Paso Texas.  For over 20 years the Golden Knights have had the honor of jumping in for the opening ceremonies making it a pregame tradition and the Gold Demonstration Team had the honor of carrying on that tradition. Unfortunately upon throwing the Wind Drift Indicators prior to the jump the winds were well over the limitations for the team to jump safely.  The team held out as long as possible before canceling but still gave fans a glimpse of Golden Knight Air by flying over the stadium all the way to kick off.  After landing and making it back to the stadium the team was still received well by the sponsors and loyal fans giving handshakes and hi-fives as the jumpers passed by.  Even though the jump was canceled no one was disappointed and the team was told that they will still be asked for again next year.


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