Golden Knights First Demonstration of the Year


During the annual training in Homestead Florida the new team members learn what it means to become a professional demonstrator and the work that goes into it.  Over the weekend both the Black and Gold Demonstration Teams showed where all that hard work goes by jumping into the Homestead Rodeo.  Since the Golden Knights have been coming to Florida for their training they have also been jumping into the rodeo in support of the local community and to give the new members their first look at how to put on a performance.

 On Saturday the skies were blue with light winds making it perfect conditions for the jump.   As the team left the plane the cheers of the crowd below over took the music that was playing and the voice of the narrator SGT Trey Martin who flew in the POW/MIA flag.   The screams could even be heard by the jumpers after they opened their parachutes and lasted all the way till the last knight touched down.  Sunday was supposed to be a repeat of the fantastic performance except high winds and low clouds forced the team to cancel the jump just minutes before.  Even though the second jump did not happen the people of Homestead still showed their appreciation to the ground crew as they packed up.





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