Local Training Opportunities

_1SGSHERJO_0833The Demonstrators on the Golden Knights had the great opportunity of working with a local vendor to help enhance the training for the Annual Certification Cycle.  The benefits of jumping at various venues are perilous, as it is the first time for many of the newest team members to jump outside of a typical drop zone arena. The team jumped into the Homestead Rodeo grounds, each team conducting three training jumps.  The Golden Knights had the privilege of jumping into a rodeo at this location earlier this season.  The opportunity to work with local vendors provides an opportunity for the team to train and for the team to give back by performing at various events. Gold and Black Demonstration teams were able to conduct various jumps, to include stack outs, track outs and canopy relative work.  The weather was fantastic and the training was unsurmountable.  The team is very grateful to have such great support and friends.

Blue Skies!!

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