Out of the Gold and into the Black ….. Rodeo Arenas and NASCAR Tracks!

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Words can’t begin to sum up how much we all have progressed throughout these past six weeks of training down here in Homestead, FL (our home away from home).  Since week three the black demonstration team has filled the Homestead skies with diamond track maneuvers, diamond formations, and big way formations as well as our signature stack out maneuvers into the Homestead Miami Speedway, local minor league baseball stadium and the Homestead Rodeo Arena. Each of the jumps into the race track, baseball stadium as well as the rodeo arena were the first time our newest demonstrators (New Guys) were able to get a “birds eye” view from under the black and gold canopy of what is to come in week eight! We will be upgrading from the race track landings, baseball stadium and rodeo arena into the Sunlife Stadium in downtown Miami. 

       Additionally, as a team we are drastically improving  our target score averages making  it very competitive between each of the jumpers who all want that top spot for the end of the day target average.  We take a great deal of pride in our target accuracy, as it is the biggest crowd pleaser on show site as well as the safest place for us to land. It is not uncommon for several jumpers to have matching target averages at the end of the day that all exceed the target average standard for the team.

       Our newest team members are working on the timing of their narration for the upcoming show season.  Each demonstrator has had the opportunity to exit our C31 jump aircraft as the narrator and learn how to relay appropriate spot reports to our team members waiting to exit for the next maneuver. Upon sending up the spot report (which consists of the spot, drift in free fall and canopy flight) the narrator is then in full control of the microphone and the audience at that time. Each new demonstrator begins to work on both their timing, voice inflection and closing out our show.

       Our newest team mates were officially knighted on November 13th, 2013. Unfortunately, one of our team mates was missing from our ranks on that day. SSG Jimmy Hackett was forced to return to his original duty station in Germany during the three week government shut down for the Golden Knights Assessment and Selection this past year. Although his team mates were able to complete the selection process, SSG Hackett was held up from completing it with them.  SSG Hackett was formally knighted on 28 February 2014 here in Homestead, FL. It’s official Jimmy!IMG_Olk0687 IMGCLARK_1699IMGFLYNN_1770IMG_Hackett1725IMG_Clard2125IMGFOKKERSIDE_0969IMFLYNN0685JD TEAM_1574IMG_5x70787BBStar1087IMG_Knight9177IMG_5x7ShelbiLanding1427

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