Golden Knights Kick off Skyfest at Fairchild

Magnificient Starburst shot by team videographer SSG Trey Martin

Magnificient Starburst shot by team videographer SSG Trey Martin

 After a festive Memorial Day weekend the Gold Demonstration Team departed Columbia, MO, and headed to SkyFest Air Show at Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, WA for Skyfest 2014. The air show fans were really excited since this was the first air show at Fairchild since 2010 due to budget restraints.

  The team was ready to hit the ground running and start off a great weekend for the Spokane community. Throughout the weekend the team was able to take up various media and service members from all branches to get a firsthand look.  The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, Stearman Formation Team, Cascade Warbirds and Smoke and Thunder were a few acts also present this weekend, which gave outstanding performances.

 Sunday morning after the mass demonstration, Team Leader SFC Dustin Peregrin presented the Mayor of Spokane, Mayor David Condon, a baton which was flown in free fall. The team then packed their parachutes in the crowd with the assistance of enthusiastic recruits from the audience and quickly returned to the blue skies for the final performance of the day.

SGT Blake Gaynor jumped in at show center and narrated the entrance of his fellow teammates for the final Sunday afternoon show, which closed our weekend out with a complete success. 

 The team would like to thank all those from Fairchild AFB and Spokane for providing such great support for not only the Golden Knights but for all the performers present this weekend.   SSG Clevenger, Photos by SGT Trey Martin

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