Annual Black & Gold Meet

The Annual Black and Gold Competition



Possible event sometime in mid 2011 has been discussed. To stay up to date, folllow us on Twitter @armygk.

Meet USPA Membership A-license requirements for coaching jumps. Must have an AAD. Must have 150 jumps to compete in 4 way event.

Must bring USPA Card, USPA License, and Reserver Pack data card, Don’t have your card? Call or go to USPA Website

Cannot be on leave.
Early Registration will be held on Thursday 11 November at 0900-1200 at Laurinburg,NC.

Must be Active duty, National Guard or Reserves for November 12-14, 2010. Orders must be in hand  and NOT WEEKEND DUTY. Also ROTC Cadets with letter from school stating you are a fulltime Cadet student


  • 12th 0700 registration begins
    12th 0730 Safety Brief and aircraft brief.
     12th 0800 training jumps start.
     12th 1700 training jumps end.
    12th 1700 competition briefing
    12th 1800 coaching from freefall team.
  • 13th 0730 Registration, gear checks
    13th 0730 Safety brief
     13th 0800 4-way competition begins.
    13th 0800 Coaching jumps begin
     13th 1700 all jumping ends for the day.
    13th 1745 Awards ceremony at the completion of 8 way speed

  • 14th 0730 Registration, gear checks
    14th 0730 Safety brief
     14th 0800 4-way/8way competition begins (if needed).
    14th 0800 Coaching jumps begin
     14th 1400 all jumping ends for the Event.


Events are 4-Way Intermediate Formation Skydiving and 8 Way Speed Star.

 The 4-Way will be judged under USPA Part 50 rules and ran under the intermediate guidelines.

To compete in the 4-way event a competitor must have 150 jumps

No Accuracy or Sport Accurracy this year due to personnel shortage.

Those with less than 150 jumps will receive one on one coaching from USAPT personnel.


Click on Registration below to download form. Fill the form out and sign. Form can be faxed to the Operations section at 910-396-9307. 

           Or email the completed form to SPC Beau Furlow at

Black and Gold Meet Registration Form 2010

Driving Directions – Map



  • Tripp Johnson

    Are there plans to hold a Black and Gold meet in 2014?

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