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Black Team Joins Southern Wisconsin AirFEST

This weekend took Black Team to Janesville, Wisconsin for the Southern Wisconsin AirFest 2012. Janesville consistently hosts its AirFEST and keeps the Golden Knights in their regular attendance. While it may appear to be your traditional airshow, hosting a healthy line-up of impressive military and civilan acts, this airshow has a unique twist that always leaves Black Team eager to return.


Whiteman AFB, Home of the B-2 Bomber

Black Team had the unique opportunity to visit the home of America’s Strategic Stealth Bomber, the B-2. The Wings Over Whiteman Air Show invited the Golden Knights to attend, once again. Black Team was pleased to, as the headlining act. Performing the night performance on Friday seemed appropriate near an Air Force base, where it’s common to see “unusual aircraft” by the American Public.

Friday night, Black Team exited from 12,500 feet with nine jumpers wearing our brightly lit pyrotechnic sticks, to enable spectators to see the jumpers from several miles away. After landing safely, we had presentations for both of the General Officers, commanding the 509th Bomber Wing and the 442nd Fighter Wing. (more…)

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