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Let the Sparks Fly

Golden Knights Annual Certification CycleAs the Gold Demonstration Team works their way into the second month of the Golden Knights Annual Certification Cycle, the resolute focus on the team remains with safety, target accuracy, and perfecting the show to bring to the public.  After a strenuous first few weeks of five to eight jumps a day, Gold Team has found its rhythm and is working together like a well oiled machine. 

The team has been conducting one to two Canopy Relative Work (CRW) jumps every day.  This is where one jumper will fly their canopy right into the hands of another jumper at altitudes between 2,500 to 6,000 feet and bring in the stacked parachutes to land in the target area.  Gold team has conducted many two and three stacks, along with a few side by sides.  It takes a great amount of confidence in your teammates in order to conduct these maneuvers with precision and safety. 

Gold Team let the sparks fly over Homestead, Florida while performing four night jumps.  After three jumps at lower altitudes, personnel from Gold Team, Black Team and Tandem Team came together to perform a joint mass from 12,500 feet. 

Golden Knights Annual Certification CycleGolden Knights Annual Certification CycleIMG_4001 IMG_4084 pyro_44722stack2x11 Gold Team IMG_4809 3stack 220140124_093352_resizedmoon_4105

Tandems,Tandems, Tandems


Haley Hinds WINK-TV

Haley Hinds WINK-TV


Another great year has started for the Tandem Section of the United States Army Parachute Team. After a year of sequestration, the team is happier than ever to be back in the sky with civilian and military centers of influence.

Already the section has taken to the beautiful skies over Homestead Air Reserve Base providing over a hundred fortunate tandem passengers with a thrill of a life time. All of these select individuals were nominated due to their commitment and involvement within the community.

Through the phenomenal assistance of Mr. Timothy Norton 482d Fighter Wing Public Affairs, Homestead Air Reserve Base, FL and Mr. Harvey Spigler Chief, Advertising and Public Affairs, US Army Recruiting Battalion Miami we have had a very diverse group experiencing our Tandem Orientation Program.

Through this program we can give nominated individuals the Army Strong experience of personally getting to know a Soldier and actually putting their lives in the hands of these skilled, and exceptionally trained Soldiers.

We have been fortunate to jump members of the military, Superintendents, Principals, Councilors, Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters and numerous media personalities. David Goodhue, an Upper Keys Reporter, Haley Hinds from WINK TV, and Joyce Kaufman-Delaney of 850 WFTL Radio are just a few locals that published their recent jumps with newspapers, radio and television.

It has been a great start to the New Year and the schedule only predicts it to get better as we move forward.  The team is highly motivated and excited to get back on the road and bring Americas Army to her people in 2014.  Hopefully we’ll get to see a few of your smiling faces out there. Until next time, Blue Skies from Tandem Team.

Link to Hailey Hinds WINK-TV


For more information visit us at goarmy.com, armygk.com, twitter.com/armygk, facebook.com/usarmygoldenknights and youtube.com/armygoldenknights

 20140211_Abe_Joyce Delaney20140124_Ace_David Goodhue


Link to David Goodhue Keys Net Reporter


Black Team Takes To The Blue Skies Of Homestead:

SFC Aaron Figel and SFC Adrian Hill watching Baton Passes

SFC Aaron Figel and SFC Adrian Hill watching Baton Passes



The Black Demonstration team closes out week three with baton pass maneuvers, canopy relative work (CRW) and mass formations. The entire teams to include the newest demonstrators are proving they are ready to take to the skies around the nation this upcoming air show season. Each demonstrator has been paired up with their tracking partner who is their mentor for each of the maneuvers and training throughout our ACC (annual certification cycle).  Tracking partners are a very tight knit unit and the trust and confidence built between one another will allow our spectators to receive the best and most precise Golden Knight signature performance maneuvers.

The baton pass allows the spectators to see two jumpers simultaneously exit the aircraft and perform the basics of flight control using their hands, arms, legs and shoulders.  The baton pass partners fly together and judge their rate of distance and closure in order to exchange the baton and then begin to spiral at 120 miles per hour.  The two jumpers separate and open their parachutes at the same time.

The newest facet of our sport, called canopy relative work was introduced to our newest teammates this week. We are progressing into this maneuver by practicing with our tracking partners how to safely fly our parachute right into their hands and stack both parachutes on top of one another. Once the two canopies are stacked together the flight characteristics do not change and this allows one of the jumpers to pilot the two canopies. Both jumpers can carry on a conversation and communicate freely with one another during this maneuver.  While the top jumper pilots the canopy, the bottom jumper is responsible for relaying altitudes and calling the break off to separate the two canopies and land.  

In addition to perfecting our maneuvers this past week, our full show performances would not be successful without the voice behind each of the maneuvers. We are honored to have the best air show announcer with us here in Homestead, FL to work with each of the newest demonstrators on their narration for the upcoming air show circuit. Mr. Rob Ryder works with each demonstrator after each of their jumps in order to enhance the Golden Knight narration for our spectators and teammates. 

Black team looks forward to week four of training as we take to the night skies of Homestead, FL . The team will be landing into a baseball diamond here on Homestead Air Reserve Base at night.

Golden Knights Annual Certification Cycle SSG Echeverry SPC Luke Olk SGT Travis Downing

PFC Jason Wenger LTC Melendez HackettBatton Pass Annual Certification Cycle batpassGolden Knights Annual Certification CycleRobRyderolkseverinhacket

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