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Gold Team Giving Back as Ambassadors of Goodwill

3rd Commander Of USAPT  LTC James Anderson and his son, COL Dave Anderson with the Gold Demonstration Team

3rd Commander Of USAPT
LTC James Anderson and his son, COL Dave Anderson with the Gold Demonstration Team

Gold Demonstration Team spent their weekend in Texas. We were invited to initially perform at the Heart Over Texas Air Show in Waco. We started off the visit in San Antonio with our Team’s 3rd Commander, LTC James Anderson and his son, COL Dave Anderson. Upon our visit, the residents of the Blue Skies of Texas East Residential Village welcomed us with the warmest arms! We were greeted by a multitude of veterans, reaching from the great World Wars to Vietnam. We even met with one of the very first female pilots in the Woman’s Aviation Corps (Mrs. Dorothy Lucas). Mrs. Lucas and LTC Anderson’s stories brought us all tears and are a huge reminder of what our predecessors fought for, especially during the anniversary of D-Day. Seeing all three of them, together with the rest of the Village’s Veterans as a family was amazing.

After departing from LTC Anderson, we made our way to Brooke Army Medical Center to reach out to the very first Wounded Warrior Center within the US Military. We visited a facility that had the most state of the art facility to accommodate the worst of military amputees. They even train the newest breed of medical professionals in the military. The innovation they provide, help our military wounded get back into both their military and civilian lives.

After leaving San Antonio, we headed for Waco. We spent our weekend at the air show performing for over 35K people. We were met in Waco with an average temperature of 93 degrees (ambient) and 125 degrees on the tarmac. With that, we met all of our fans with the upmost gratitude! If they came out during this incredible heat, we would be there to perform and greet them. Although there was extreme heat and sun, we had an amazing amount of fans, Senators and Congressmen to greet us once we hit the ground! We look forward to taking a part of the next years Waco, Heart of Texas Air Show!


Golden Knights Female 4-Way Visit Schools

SFC Laura Dickmeyer mesmerizing students

SFC Laura Dickmeyer mesmerizing students

Monday morning, two members of Golden Knights Female 4-Way (GKF4) Team visited Don Steed Elementary to meet and show 100 kindergarteners exactly what they do every day.   SFC Angela Nichols and SFC Laura Dickmeyer wowed their intense audience with Golden Knight videos and stories of their most exciting jumps during their careers as Golden Knights.

The students were extremely excited to be able to see and touch all of the equipment and parachute that the female Soldiers use to do their job. The team members finished up by answering several questions from the inquisitive kindergarteners and passed out Golden Knight stickers, line art books and calendars.

All of the ladies on the GKF4 came to the Golden Knights Assessment and Selection Program to see if they had what it takes to be a Golden Knight. After successfully graduating from the program they were assigned to a demonstration team to traverse across the country as Ambassadors of Goodwill.

Several years later they tried out for the team’s historical first all-women’s competition team and made it. They now are multi world and national champions representing the U.S. Army and United States.

IMG_0427W IMG_0400W

Fayetteville Swamp Dogs Game Features Golden Knights

IMG_0157WThe Golden Knights Black Demonstration Team, consisting of nine jumpers performed a low altitude stack-out jump into the Fayetteville Swamp Dogs baseball game this past Saturday for its season opener and pre-game entertainment against the Morehead City Marlins.

SGT Luke Olk flew in our Nations colors from 4,500 feet directly behind second base into the hands of the Golden Knights ground coordinator and safety representative SSG Nick Birkner. The remaining jumpers exited the Golden Knight UV18 Viking Twin Otter at an altitude of 4,000 feet and performed their stack-out maneuver, which is where each jumper exits the aircraft at intervals of two seconds apart to set up a demonstration accuracy stack. This specific stack allows each individual jumper to create vertical separation in order to setup individual landing patterns into their specified landing area.

SSG Jimmy Hackett and SFC Corey Hood exited the aircraft after the rest of the team and within ten seconds stacked their canopies on top of one another creating a two stack (a maneuver referred to as canopy relative work). SSG Hackett piloted the two stack into the stadium with SFC Hood flying the North Carolina state flag.

The team always looks forward to performing a local show in front of the Fayetteville community, family members, and fellow teammates.


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