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Gold Team Week Three

Web2Stack1884 (2)Week three is done for Gold Team! We kicked off the week with Canopy Relative Work (CRW) and every team member was able to get beautiful stacks together with their tracking partners. We performed the maneuvers so well as a team, that we were able to progress to down planes, and three stack formations! The main focus for the week however, was on the exciting baton pass, perfecting our rates of closure and angles from the target to create perfect diamonds in the sky with our smoke trails. Although we had to struggle again with less than desirable weather conditions, we were able to make over 175 jumps this week, bringing us to just over 700 jumps for this winter training period!

Our 2015 season’s first demo into the Homestead Rodeo was unfortunately cancelled due to low clouds. But! We showed our support for Black Team, by attending their demo into the rodeo the next day.

IMG_9191EW  IMG_9198EW   IMG_9217EW IMG_9228EW IMG_9239EW Even though we missed out on this demonstration, we had the pleasure of jumping into “Career Day” at Airbase Elementary School, just outside the gates of Homestead Air Reserve Base. We wowed the 1100 elementary students and teachers in attendance, and were able to have a few lucky kids come help us pack our parachutes.

Looking ahead, we will continue to build on our maneuvers, integrating more CRW and perfecting the baton pass. This coming week we will start training on the demanding diamond track, and continue to get our individual target scores dialed down. We look forward to sharing our exciting week ahead with everyone shortly!

Blue Skies!



8 Way Team Trains At Avon Park

8-way As February draws to a close the Golden Knights 8-Way team has met with renewed vigor as they welcome new teammates SSG’s Dave Flynn and Sherri Jo Gallagher. The month has proved to be very intensive as the team members select new positions in the formation, conduct parachute maintenance, and begin work in the vertical wind tunnel.

All this work will help the team step off their winter training in Avon Park, FL on the right foot. As they work out the kinks training new personnel and ensure the gear is ready to go, the team is excited to begin training jumps on February 2nd.

Stay tuned for our next update from sunny Florida as the team sets their sights on the start of the 2015 competition season in hopes to bring home more gold for the US Army!

SSG Flynn

SSG Flynn


SGT Gallagher

SGT Gallagher

66th Annual Homestead Championship Rodeo

C130moonWeb_2782 Members of the Black Demonstration Team jumped into the annual Homestead Rodeo on Sunday celebrating the 66th year for the Rodeo. Unfortunately on Saturday the brisk winds and low ceiling prevented the Gold Team jump into the rodeo, but fans cheered as the teams C31 Friendship circled high above the stands.linevanweb2714

There were hundreds of excited fans, Boy Scouts, vendors and of course beautiful Rodeo Queens enjoying the day’s events.  The US Army Recruiters booth was at the front gate, where the Golden Knights greeted the public and signed autographs  and the Marine Color Guard stood at attention as the National Anthem was sung by a local young lady.

The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Rodeo was held at the “Doc” Demilly Rodeo Arena at Tom Harris Field, which is the only one held in the Miami Dade County.

We are delighted to return to our winter training home and beautiful town of Homestead, which is the gateway to the Everglades and Biscayne National Parks.


SSG David Echeverry fliesin his Florida home state flag

SSG David Echeverry fliesin his Florida home state flag


SFC Clark

SFC Clark


SGT Downing

SGT Downing


Signing autographs


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