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SFC Drew Starr Trains with “Black Knights”

BLKNIghts8-Way7  The third week in March brought another parachute team to the Golden Knights

home turf. The United States Military Academy parachute team the “Black

Knights” spent their spring break away from West Point to train at FT Bragg,

The Black Knights function much like the Golden Knights, conducting

demonstrations and competing; all in the name of their alma mater.

SFC Starr spent the week working with West Point’s two four way teams – one

sophomore and one junior – both at the drop zone and the vertical wind

tunnel in Raeford, NC.

SFC Starr acted as a skydiving coach, introducing

both teams to new formations and techniques – ultimately arming them to go

head to head against the US Air Force Academy team at US Collegiate

Nationals late this year. But the flow of information didn’t stop in free

fall. SFC Starr also offered advice for the soon to graduate seniors on what

to expect when they commission in May, and offered pointers about Army

operational life once the cadets became Second Lieutenant Platoon Leaders.

At the end of the week, both GK8 and the Black Knights took the opportunity

to learn from each other, and gain rare insights into both teams tight knit worlds.


The Golden Knights 8 Way Team would like to wish the Black Knights blue

skies and fair winds in their up coming demonstration and competition seasons.

Go Army! Beat Air Force!


Paraclete XP Outdoor Skydiving Championship

gkf42After a strong third place finish at the XP Paraclete Indoor Skydiving Championships, the Golden Knights Female 4-way Team is geared up and ready to blow away the competition at the Paraclete XP Outdoor Skydiving Championships. The team arrived in Deland, Florida on Tuesday, with a few practice days planned in preparation for the Competition. GKF4 met up with their coach, Sully Williams, to game plan for the upcoming meet. After 15 solid jumps, hours of debrief, and a lot of time dirt diving, the team is excited and confident about the days to come.
The usually sunny Florida weather has unfortunately not showed up yet. The first day of the competition was cancelled due to low clouds and rain. The moral of the team remains high leading into the weekend, with hopes of ten fast rounds and high scores.

TEAM SIX Flies Through WEEKS 2015-03(02-06)(09-13)

IMG_6386Maintenance, it never ends, is one of life’s perpetual tasks. We maintain our person, our equipment, and here at Team Six, our Aircraft. These past two weeks we salute our Maintenance Personnel, who work tirelessly (no pun intended… we definitely need tires) to ensure peak levels of performance at all times. This past week, Aircraft # 262, our eldest Twin Otter, went under the ratchet set for her Equivalent Maintenance Maximum Availability Inspection, also known as an EMMA. For you non-Aviation readers, consider this inspection similar to your standard vehicle tune-up and detail. Now, after two months of vigorous performance in the salt-permeated air of Southern Florida, and safely making the trip back home to Pope AAF, “Mr. President,” as many of us dub Aircraft # 262 (named after Former President George W. Bush, Sr.) runs as smooth as ever! Next week our remaining aircraft will return home to Pope and our Maintenance experts will go to task again as always, ensuring safe and efficient vertical transport for our jumpers and pilots. So for these past two weeks, many long-forgotten weeks, and many more weeks to come, to our Maintenance Support Team, we salute you.




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