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150220-A-DQ383-001.JPGAll home and working our way back into the swing of things… if only the weather would cooperate. Oh, how we long for the sunny, but sometimes windy, days of Southern Florida where we could climb to all jump levels from the streamer drop to the Tandem heights with relative ease. The forecasting powers-that-be predict more cold, cloudy, and rainy days this week with a glimmer of hope and sunshine coming mid-week but only time will tell the true tale. While we wait for the clear skies and warmer Spring air no time is wasted as families and friends show their appreciation reuniting and catching up on all the events and stories missed during our time away at Winter Training. After the Easter Holiday and Spring Break roll in over the next two weeks more excitement will undoubtedly unfold.

Knights Paving The Way At Florida Canopy Piloting Association (FLCPA) Meet 2.

SFC Jared Zell runs the speed course   Go faster, go farther, it might sound simple but that is the goal of the canopy piloting team this winter. Two thirds of the competition is about speed and distance. The team has been focusing on the power events this winter with the help of a Flysight GPS tracker. The data gathered has given the team a baseline for their turns. A number that previously was difficult to see with just video debriefs. The GPS has shown the team their vertical and horizontal speeds through every part of the turn as well as the shape of their turns. This information along with a video of their turns allows the team to fully understand what generates the most power for them and provides a goal to reach. That goal is 100mph vertically in the lowest part of their turn, just 250-300 ft above the ground. This speed should translate to about 90mph horizontally at the 1.5 meter high entry gate and help put up the fastest speed times and the longest distances.

How has the training been paying off? In just the second competition of the year SFC Jared Zell flying a new parachute came in 3rd in the distance event,  while SFC Greg Windmiller came in 1st in distance and 3rd in speed netting him a 4th place overall finish at the Florida Canopy Piloting Association (FLCPA) Meet 2. Those are quite impressive results for just a few weeks of training.

The training will continue now that the team is back home. The last two meets of the FLCPA and the United States Parachute Association National Championships of Canopy Piloting is in Raeford, NC this June, just outside of Ft. Bragg. With this major competition so close to home the team will focus most of their days at the swoop pond in Raeford trying to go faster and farther.

SFC Drew Starr Trains with “Black Knights”

BLKNIghts8-Way7  The third week in March brought another parachute team to the Golden Knights

home turf. The United States Military Academy parachute team the “Black

Knights” spent their spring break away from West Point to train at FT Bragg,

The Black Knights function much like the Golden Knights, conducting

demonstrations and competing; all in the name of their alma mater.

SFC Starr spent the week working with West Point’s two four way teams – one

sophomore and one junior – both at the drop zone and the vertical wind

tunnel in Raeford, NC.

SFC Starr acted as a skydiving coach, introducing

both teams to new formations and techniques – ultimately arming them to go

head to head against the US Air Force Academy team at US Collegiate

Nationals late this year. But the flow of information didn’t stop in free

fall. SFC Starr also offered advice for the soon to graduate seniors on what

to expect when they commission in May, and offered pointers about Army

operational life once the cadets became Second Lieutenant Platoon Leaders.

At the end of the week, both GK8 and the Black Knights took the opportunity

to learn from each other, and gain rare insights into both teams tight knit worlds.


The Golden Knights 8 Way Team would like to wish the Black Knights blue

skies and fair winds in their up coming demonstration and competition seasons.

Go Army! Beat Air Force!


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