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Thunder Over Utah

ThunderUtah Goldweb

The Gold Demonstration Team has had a busy weekend in the beautiful state of Utah. The team traveled to Saint George for the Thunder Over Utah Air Show. The unpredictable weather made it a little tricky for the jumpers and pilots participating in the show. Sadly, the team was unable to perform on Friday due to extremely high winds. This made the crowd even more eager for Saturday. Saturday morning started off beautifully with hardly any wind. The narrator made the first jump of the day, flying in the American Flag to the National Anthem. The crowd was very excited and the enthusiasm carried throughout the entire show.

Gold Team performed a full show, ending the performance with a mass, as the remaining jumpers built a formation in the sky. By the time the last jumpers exited the aircraft, the winds were howling. This made the jump a little tricky, but with the encouragement of the audience, all the jumpers made it safely to the ground in beautiful Golden Knight fashion. After the show was over, the team acquired some amazing kids to help pack up their parachutes for the next days jump.

Sunday also proved to be an outstanding day for jumping. Specialist Daniel Osorio got the show started for the afternoon by flying in the American Flag. He then made his way to Rob Reider, Airshow host extraordinaire, where he narrated his entire team performing a Mass maneuver. This was not just any mass, however, once the initial formation was built in the sky, the team went on to perform the Golden Knight Bomb Burst, a planned Cut-Away, and also linked up two parachutes in the sky for Canopy Relative Work. It was an exciting jump, as there was so much going on. The team performed flawlessly and the crowd once again gave each of the jumpers a warm reception upon landing.

The Knights also had the privilege of jumping two tandem passengers at the Airshow. SFC Joe Abeln and SSG Jon Lopez from the Tandem Team accompanied Gold Team as they jumped from 11, 500 feet to give these great passengers a ride of a lifetime.

Thunder Over Utah is a fun show with a great gathering of spectators and outstanding line up of performers. The team is looking forward to coming back to this beautiful state. Until then, Blue Skies!
SSG Gallagher, photos by SSG Trey Martin.

Black Team Returns to Reading, Pa

ReadingCollage 72714BKGround attractions at the Reading Aerofest included a classic car show, open to pre-1970 vehicles, aircraft displays, and many anxious spectators awaiting the Golden Knight’s opening performance for the weekend. The Golden Knight’s were invited back to the Reading Aerofest that was last sponsored back in 1998 which was also the last time the team made it’s appearance there.

We had the honor of welcoming several media representatives on board our C31 Friendship aircraft this weekend for an up close and personal tour of the skies above Reading Regional Airport. Each of them layered for the temperature change on the climb to altitude and securely seated right next to both jump doors. We truly get a sense of the impressions made on the American public when talking with our media passengers during the climb to 12,500 feet. Each of them commenting on the composure, professionalism, and bravery of each jumper as they prepare to exit the Golden Knight C31 for their designated maneuver.

The Black demonstration team performed five shows during the weekend to include three mass performances and two full shows. The team quickly exits the aircraft for our mass formation as each one of us chases the jumper in front using both jump doors. We then fly our bodies together using our hands, arms legs and shoulders as flight controls. Once we are all linked together the formation continues to fly at approximately 120 miles per hour, while SSG Reese Pendleton circles us setting up the best angles for photos and video. The crowd favorite is when we separate prior to opening our parachutes creating the signature bomb burst affect with our smoke trails!

A special thanks to the Reading Recruiting Station for their professionalism and understanding of our mission in connecting the US Army to the American public! And as always thank you to Dave Schultz Air Show and the community of Reading, Pa for inviting us back.

SSG Shelby Bixer, photos by SSG Reese Pendleton

IMGciv airptrl_7981_circle IMGWenegar_7851


U S Army Parachute Team Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Jose Enrique Melendez Relinquished Command to Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Weinrich

coc_9101 2Lieutenant Colonel Jose Enrique Melendez relinquished Command to Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Weinrich at the Golden Knights’ Team Hangar at Pope Army Airfield on Wednesday July 23, 2014.

The day began with extreme hustle and bustle around the area. The local radio and television were continually announcing the Change of Command for the US Army Parachute Team Golden Knights. The Soldiers were taking care of all the final details, reviewing the set up, podium, seating chart and the Aviation section had strategically placed the team aircraft in position for the ceremony. Media Relations was busy greeting and escorting media outlets, preparing camera’s, documenting guest as they were escorted to their assigned seats.

Colonel Cavanaugh, Accessions Support Brigade Commander thanked LTC Melendez for all of his dedication and service to the team and Soldiers. COL Cavanaugh presented him an award and then LTC Melendez administered this significant final promotion to Staff Sergeant David Flynn.

Gold Demonstration Teams’ SSG Sherri Jo Gallagher, Master of Ceremonies announced the entrance of the Official Party and former Golden Knight and event coordinator Darrin Grim did the Invocation, followed by the playing of the National Anthem, presentation of flowers to the wives and children followed by the Change of Command Ceremony.

The Battalion staunchly stood at attention as the backlit images of the radiant fleet of team aircraft glistened brightly overhead. Command Sergeant Major Thomas Holland called order to the statuesque troops as SSG Kenneth Severn marched in donning the Golden Knight Team Colors. The Official Party entered and all stood in a symmetrical square facing one another. CSM Holland passed the colors to LTC Melendez who passed them to his Commander COL Cavanaugh who in return passed them to the new team Commander LTC Weinrich, who returned them to CSM Holland.

COL Cavanaugh addressed Major General Chinn, family alumni and team command with gratitude and reflection on the day’s event.

LTC Melendez and said, “ It feels like it was yesterday that I was at this podium getting ready to embark in what now I attest to what would be the greatest two years of my military career. The man and woman standing in front of us are the ones who make this organization so successful. They are honored to represent the Soldiers past and present and those who’s have made the ultimate sacrifice to America and illustrate what it’s all about to be an American Soldier… I’ve just been lucky to be part of it.” He will be returning to the DC area with his wife Rosario and daughter Lyanne.

LTC Weinrich is coming to the team from the 75th Ranger Regiment as the Chief of Ranger Operations for the U. S. Army Special Operations Command joined by his wife Leigh and three children. LTC Weinrich thanked the honored guest, family, friends team members, alumni and many great NCO’s he had the honor to work with over his career, that have molded him into the Officer he is today. LTC Weinrich said, “I am honored to be part of this organization and will work every day to provide the Team the space needed to continue the success and innovation that LTC Melendez has fostered.”

The Golden Knight March that was written by the legionary Spider Wrenn was played and the ceremony closed with the Army Song. Team members filed through with farewell hugs, tears and laughter with the Melendez family and a crowded room of welcome greeters gathered in the Spider Wrenn day room in the headquarters building to share bread and fellowship with the newest Commander of the USAPT.

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