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Tryouts finish up Week 3

Anna Capps learning how to pack a parachute from Candidate SSG MeltonWeek three went like any other week in GKAS, with one exception. The workload increased, the amount of people to shoulder that load decreased. Since the beginning of GKAS we have decreased in size from sixteen candidates to twelve. However, the standards haven’t decreased, as a matter of fact they have gotten higher. Every week more and more tasks are piled on our already full plates. From narration additions, to new projects, to increased amounts of weekend details. (more…)

Style and Accuracy at US Nationals 2010

The Golden Knight Style and Accuracy Team competed in the United States Parachute Association National Championships for 2010, this past week at Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, Illinois.  The Team consisted on SFC Elisa Tennyson, SSG Dannielle Woosley, SSG Christopher Acevedo and SSG Laura Dickmeyer.  The events were Classic Accuracy and Style.  Classic Accuracy is a team and individual event in which jumpers exit the aircraft at approximately 3300 feet above the ground and fly their parachutes to a 2cm yellow dot on an inflated air tuffet on the ground.  (more…)

Tryouts: Week 2

SFC Tom Bovee Saving Lives

SFC Tom Bovee Saving Lives

“How long does it take a UV-18 “Twin Otter” to climb to 2,500, discharge it’s cargo, land and be ready for the next load? Not long enough! At 95 degrees, Friday was the hottest day of week two, and possibly the hottest day of tryouts yet. A perfect day for the Cadre to test our endurance. The plan was simple, pack where you land, re-rig your smoke bracket, slam down some water, get your gear checked and be waiting on the aircraft. (more…)

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