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Tryouts make it through Week 1


SFC Bovee and SSG Coleman correct Candidates in the "hit it" position

SFC Bovee and SSG Coleman correct Candidates in the "hit it" position

As week one finally comes to a close, our logbooks are forty jumps fatter and our minds are filled with as much information as they can possibly store. Everyday brought new challenges. From rigging smoke safely to properly spotting the aircraft, we never had a boring moment. The Cadre slowly increase the intensity.  At one point a Cadre remarked “this course is like taking a drink of water…from a firehose”. We are beginning to believe it. The amount of information required to be a successful demonstration parachutist on the Golden Knights is astounding. Like little sponges, we are absorbing every bit of it. (more…)

Video: One Day with Golden Knights Style and Accuracy Team

Want to know what a Accuracy competitor goes through on a daily basis? This video is just 3 jumps of a 10 to 15 jump day.

Golden Knight Takes 3 Medals, Sets a New Record at National Competition

Most Golden Knights are known for their red smoke trailing demonstrations of amazing freefall maneuvers and precision accuracy with large docile parachutes that allow them to perform tip toe landings on a target which is no bigger than 12 inches squared. Imagine however, a parachute so small and so fast, its lines cutting through the air at nearly 100 mph actually sounds like a jet engines high pitched whining. Imagine a required landing area that is 10 feet wide, but in length, it is the equivalent of 2 football fields placed end zone to end zone. Now imagine going this distance after passing only 5 feet off the ground. This is the skydiving discipline known as Canopy Piloting. In Canopy Piloting, a discipline of skydiving that is relatively new to the sport compared to all of the other disciplines, competitors fly extremely small parachutes mere inches off the ground and negotiate through various courses with different goals. (more…)

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