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2012 Hope Mills Youth Baseball Opening

The Golden Knights travel in excess of 200 days out of the year to various towns through out our country so when we get a unique opportunity to perform at home it’s a great feeling to give back to our local community.  This year Gold Team was honored by jumping into the 2012 Hope Mills Youth Baseball Opening ceremonies.  The Team exited out C-31 Fokker aircraft at 10’000 feet on Saturday morning before 1500 young baseball and softball children.  SPC Trey Martin was our narrator for this morning’s mass exit show and performed it with grace and candor according to the crowd members of Hope Mills.

Upon landing at the ball park the Team proceeded to our lineup area where we were able to sign brochures and answer questions about the life as a Golden Knight.  Many of the kids and adults lined up to ask various question such as “how cold does it get at 10’000 feet?”  On the Team we love answering these questions and expressing the gratitude and thanks to our American Public.  Many of the children that were in attendance on Saturday’s performance have  a mother or father that are serving in the U.S. Army and it’s a great feeling to show the young children some of the capabilities and excitement of today’s modern airborne paratrooper!




Vietnam Veterans Homecoming Celebration

How does a Nation properly thank the heroes who have fought through our history to secure our American way of life? Many have learned about the welcome home, that Vietnam Veterans experienced following their sacrifices during the war, with horror and appall. Often, we hear of the thankless and destructive remarks that awaited them when they arrived on American soil. Vietnam Veterans never received the proper homecoming that today’s Soldiers experience on a regular basis. The USO of North Carolina was on a mission to pay tribute to thousands who fought and returned from this guerrilla scene with the late “Vietnam Veterans Homecoming Celebration.”

Not only was Black Team proud to attend, it was a tremendous honor. (more…)

Gold Team kicks off the air show season with Tuscaloosa Alabama!

The Golden Knights have kicked off their 2012 air show season in Tuscaloosa Alabama!  This beautiful town home of the Alabama University “Crimson Tide” invited the Gold Demonstration team to perform 4 free fall parachute jumps.  One year ago, the city of Tuscaloosa braved mass devastation due to the multiple tornado outbreaks.  The 70’000 energized spectators clearly proved the strength and pride of a Crimson Tide city; although they are still in the recovering phases of this disaster.  The loyalty to their town proved successful with their ability to organize and host a completely free air show.

This year marked a new beginning for air show publicity for Gold Team by providing local media with an aerial view of a day in the life of a Golden Knight as see from above.  Over the course of this past weekend we were honored to provide seating for 17, Television, Radio, and Newspaper affiliates.  This provides a mutual coverage for both the U.S Army, the Golden Knight as well as the City of Tuscaloosa.  Schultz airshows was the sponsor for Gold Demonstration team and the complete success of this weekend was a wonderful orchestration between Dave Schultz, Tera Tubbs, and Kelsey Colglazier.

The Birmingham Recruiting Company was present for the air show and provided an H-3 Hummer and 65 future soldiers that had the opportunity to experience a hands on packing demonstration after each show’s performance.  Both recruiting liaison and demonstrators had the opportunity to speak with 4 Army ROTC Cadets about special opportunities in the U.S. Army as well as what it takes to become Army Strong!

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