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GK Takes Gold at the 2011 USPA Canopy Piloting Nationals!

The 2011 USPS Nationals of Canopy Piloting has officially come to an end.  The competition was held at Skydive Spaceland in Rosharon, TX.  This year two members of the Golden Knights competed against 48 other skydivers from across the US.  SFC Greg Windmiller, a seasoned canopy piloting competitor, faced off against 33 jumpers in the Open class.  SSG Joe Abeln, competing in his first Nationals of Canopy Piloting, competed against 17 in the Advanced class. (more…)

Golden Knights travel to Belgium

The United States Army Parachute Team has been wowing the crowds of airshow in the United States and abroad for more than fifty years. This year the Gold Demonstration team was honored in becoming Ambassadors of Freedom to the Sanicole Belgium Airshow.  The airshow took place over this past weekend during difficult weather conditions.  The Team was able to perform 3 demonstration jumps over the gorgeous landscape over Belgium.

The first jump was our honor to jump in Belgium’s National Flag during our night performance. Just before the rain and clouds moved the Team was able to jump out at 4000 feet off the ground into the pitch black of night.  The Team then lit up the dark night sky with our Pyro show.

On Saturday Gold Team was honored in having a guided tour of Brussels the capital of Belgium. The tour lasted approximately 6 hours and included a trip to Waterloo that was an impressive sight to see.

Our last day in Belgium was on Sunday where the Team performed two more jumps.  A large portion of the jumps displayed our Canopy Relative Work before the crowds over Sanicole.  After landing the Team proceeded to show center where we packed parachutes, answered questions and signed brochures.

It was an amazing opportunity for the Golden Knights to be a part of this international experience.  The experience was by far a highlight for the year for many of the teammates.  We would like to the thank the people of Sanicole Belgium for inviting us to perform on their 35th anniversary it was an honor and great memories for a lifetime.

WECT 6 Claire Hossmann Is Army Strong

SGT Jared Zell tandems Claire Hossman as 8-Way Team swoops in to form a arrow formation in freefall.

The Morning news will never be the same. The new found excitement and enthusiasm of Producer/Reporter Claire Hossmann for Wilmington, North Carolina’s WECT channel 6 is not out of the ordinary. Wednesday, September 14th Claire and her cameraman journeyed to Maxton- Laurinburg Airport to the team training center for an opportunity of a lifetime doing a tandem parachute jump with the US Army Parachute Team, Golden Knights.

Claire said, “I have dreamed about jumping out of an airplane all my life and the Golden Knights are making my lifelong dream come true. I wanted to do a story about the US Army Parachute Team Competition Teams winning the Overall country and World Championships. They are the best in the world and people need to know that they are right here at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and have not received the recognition they deserve.”

SGT Jared Zell took Claire into the classroom and showed her the tandem waiver and conducted a detailed class about the jump she was preparing to take. Zell then took her into the hanger to put on her snug black and gold freefall jumpsuit, gloves, goggles, helmet and harness preparing her to be properly dressed for the occasion.

SFC Sweeney,Claire,SFC Davidson and 8-Way team dirt dive arrowhead formation

She nervously pulled her hair back into a tight ponytail and kept ringing her hands as SGT Jon Ewald, her videographer walked behind her highlighting her video with the bright orange Dangersign on the back of the harness which she was totally unaware of. He briefly interviewed her asking her what she was getting ready to do and asked her if she was ready. Claire said, “Yes I am, but the video waiver kept saying die, die, you may die, I know I’m not. I know I am in safe hands but it kept saying die, Die, die!!!” and she loudly laughted,”HA, Ha HA!!!!”

8-Way Team Leader Brian Krause supervises dirt dive for tandem jump

The Golden Knight 8-way Team, lead by SFC Brian Krause did several dirt dives and went over to the mock airplane door to practice their exit for Claire’s jump. She tightly clutched her hands together as she watched ever little detail of the maneuver and looked carefully at each individuals face as they exited the door. Everyone lined up with Claire standing in front of SGT Zell simulating the arrowhead formation they were planning to bring together around her for the actual jump. They all then headed out to the teams Twin Otter for that climb two and a half miles above the earth.

Ready, Get set, Go!!!!!!!

SGT Zell, Claire and competition Tea, climbs on board

SFC Nichols, Claire, SSG Dickmeyer and SGT Woosley members of the Ladies 4-way team climbing to altitude for their jump

Pilots Dave Clay and Frank Reiner flew to about 6,000 feet and the Golden Knight Female 4-way Team (GKF4) exited the plane training for their next meet. The plane then climbed to 12,500 feet for the tandem jump. Claire was bright eyed and seemed to have a gleaming smile as they stood at the door. SGT Zell began rocking back and forth and instantaneously they leapt from the edge of the door into the magnificent fall blue sky at a speed way over the single parachutist speed of a 120mph- terminal velocity.

“The 8-way team magically appeared all around me. I didn’t even see them up there till the cameraman pointed

Golden Knights Freefall Formation Team completeing arrow head manuever in freefall around Claire Hosmann

World Champion GK 8-Way Team training

SSG Zell and TV Reporter Claire Hossman exit Twin Otter at 12,500 feet

 to them on either side of me,” said Claire.  SGT Andrew Starr and SGT Jon Ewald simultaneously circled around the tandem pair and 8-way team and photographed and videoed the unique tandem arrowhead formation.

Claire grins from ear to ear as she smoothly glides in fro a soft landing

All of a sudden the GKF4 came whisking by the cameraman on the ground much to his surprise. Then you could hear the distinct flutters of the 8-way team canopies as they swooped by one by one. SGT Zell and Claire gentle came gliding into the drop zone and touched gentle down on the ground below.

Dream of a lifetime comes to fruition for Claire in this magical day


Claire began jumping up and down saying that it was fantastic, and how she loved it. Each member of the team came up gave her hugs and high five’s congratulating her on her first jump. She was so excited that she just couldn’t stop talking, but admitted that she did feel a bit sick. Claire said, “That was the most wonderful thing I ever did, but I had to tell Jared to stop spinning me because I felt a little motion sickness, but I do that on Ferris wheels too!”

Home sweet home, High fiving teams


Claire went into the hangar had a bottle of water and conducted interviews like a real trooper with  8-way Team leader SFC Brian Krause, SFC Matt Davidson an SGT Laura Dickmeyer to conclude the information for her story about the US Army Parachute Team, which should be aired on WECT in a week or two.



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