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Black Team Kicks off the NFL Season

Every year, millions of Americans look forward to an exciting day- The beginning of the NFL season. Black Team was proud to be part of the first NFL game, in Miami. The Miami Dolphins invited the Golden Knights to jump, once again. This year added an additional touch, however. Our jump was scheduled for 8:45 PM, well after the sun had set. The Miami Dolphins requested a night-pyrotechnic performance, for their first 2011 halftime. (more…)

Gold Team Rocks Out Akron Coloardo

Mass formation over Akron CO

Gold Demonstration Team kicks off the Akron Air Show with signature blue skies and great weather over Colorado.  Gold Team performed their first jump into the Otis High School Friday night football game.  The show consisted of our mass formation followed by an impressive 3 stack canopy relative work formation. (more…)


The Gold Demonstration Team traveled to Patuxent River, Maryland this past weekend in support of the  PAX River Airshow. This years airshow included many favorites from the U.S. Navy Blues Angels to the smaller acts of the Curtis Pusher. (more…)

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