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Golden Knights Kick Off the Cleveland National Air Show


Saturday was the first day of the Cleveland National Air Show. Members of the Black Team, 8-way Competition Team and the Tandem Team were proud to be the opening act of the 3-day show. To open the show, the Team flew the Canadian Flag as well as our National Colors to the respective Anthems.

Mr. John Mangles, a local science columnist, was the lucky recipient of an up close experience of a Golden Knight Jump. He was selected to experience free fall first hand, by participating in a Tandem jump with members of the Golden Knight’s Tandem Team. (more…)

Offutt AFB Welcomes Golden Knights

August 26th through the 28th brought the Black Demonstration Team to Offutt AFB, NE. Sitting just outside of Omaha, this large base regularly hosts a wide variety of performances during their air shows. During the media show, Black Team was able to demonstrate how jumping is just a way for us to get to work. (more…)

A Day With Gold Star Families

SSG Jared Zell hugs tandem passenger Phil Clarke, whose son was killed in Afghanistan. Phil's wife, Cathy, also jumped with her husband that day.

Tandem Team spent the week at Skydive Chicago last week and did a total of more than 50 tandem jumps. The first two days were local recruiting COIs (Centers Of Influence). The third day was very special; the Team spent the day with 30 or so family members of Soldiers, Sailers, Airmen, and Marines who were killed in combat in Iraq or Afghanistan. The tandem passengers were parents and siblings of the fallen, and many of them overcame a great deal of fear to jump in their loved one’s honor.

The Gold Star families presented a plaque in thanks for the day the Team spent jumping with the family members.

It was a touching and humbling experience for everyone involved, and many local civilians who were at the drop zone to skydive that day took a few moments out of their day to chat with the passengers. There was an overwhelming sense of togetherness and camaraderie that day, a spirit that will stick with everyone for a long time.

Micah Barcus enjoys his tandem jump with SSG Jon Ewald in the skies over Skydive Chicago Saturday. Micah's brother was killed in Iraq; Micah has served in the Army and the Coast Guard.

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