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Madison’s Saturday Night Lights

Madison, Wisconsin hosts an annual Rhythm & Booms event to celebrate our Independence Day! The Saturday closest to the 4th of July brings Wisconsin’s Capital together at Warner Park for Music, Food, Fireworks and Entertainment. That’s where Black Team Steps in!

Every year’s event brings the Golden Knights to the skies over Wisconsin. With a crystal clear view of the Capital building and “The Square,” Black Team performs 2 jumps from 12,500 feet, for the 250,000 citizens, gazing into the sky.


As American as Baseball and Fireworks

SFC Dustin Peregrin flies over the Kernels stadium, while SGT Chris Clark and SGT Tom Pryjda fly a Side-by-Side formation below to the left (photo by SGT Rachel Medley)

What better way to kick off the Independence Day weekend than to jump into America’s favorite pastime: a baseball park!

Gold Demonstration Team jumped into the Cedar Rapids Kernels stadium Friday afternoon despite tricky winds. Although two jumps were planned, only the first one went off; winds exceeded safety limits for the second jump.

A group of helpful kids helped pack the parachutes, and the recruiters were on hand to answer questions about Army opportunities to interested teens. (more…)

The Countdown to 2011 CISM begins….

SSG Acevedo before dead center

SSG Acevedo before dead center at the 2010 CISM in Switzerland

The 5th Counseil International du Sport Militaire (CISM) World Games is less than three weeks away.  Actually, there are less than nine training days until the members of the US Army Parachute Team depart for Brazil.  These Golden Knights will represent the United States in the 36th World Military Parachuting Championships, one of twenty world championships to form the World Games this year. (more…)

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