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Mid Atlantic Recruiting Battalion puts on a show in New Jersey!

If your keeping scores the Weather would be winning 4 days to 2 against the Golden Knights Tandem Team.  The Tandem Team only managed one Successful jump day in Richmond VA, and just one out of three days in New Jersey.  The weather seems to keep stealing the headlines from our Tandem Teams mission this year.  Even though the weather only allowed 13 jumpers to experience what the Team does on a daily basis, the overall Army Experience put on by the Mid Atlantic Recruiting Battalion was phenomenal. (more…)

Gold Team brings Colors to the Skies at MCAS Beaufort

Gold Demonstration Team painted the skies over Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort for the annual air show “Blues over Beaufort.” The weekend could not have been more perfect, blues skies and cool weather gave the air show the optimal experience for the spectators and performers. (more…)

Black Team and Boy Scouts Take Over Galena, IL

SSG Howie Sanborn (top) and SPC Matthew Navarro fly a two-stack over Galena, IL, the hometown of US President Ulysses S. Grant (photo by SGT Rachel Medley)

Black Team made two jumps in Galena, IL for the 57th Annual Boy Scout Pilgrimage on Saturday despite breezy conditions and overcast skies. The jumps, which were made into the football field of Galena High School, were the pinnacle of two years of planning and fundraisers (more…)

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