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Gold Team Over the Midwest

The new "pyro chain" developed by SGT Chris Clark puts on an impressive show over Whiteman AFB. Photo by SSG Aaron Figel

The new "pyro chain" developed by SGT Chris Clark puts on an impressive show over Whiteman AFB. Photo by SSG Aaron Figel

The Gold Demonstration Team finished off last weekend at Scott AFB with their final two demonstration jumps going off beautifully, and are back at Whiteman AFB, MO this weekend. So far, the weather has even cooperated to give them full altitude for their night jump on Friday night.  During this jump, the Team was able to introduce several people to the job that they hold by allowing them to ride in the aircraft during the actual (more…)

Gold Medals and a National Record

GK8 walks off the dropzone after round 10 of 8-way at the 2010 US Nationals Skydiving Competition

Training and dedication has finally paid off for the Golden Knights’ 8-way competition team.  GK8 is bringing home the Gold from the 2010 US National Skydiving Competition at Skydive Chicago.  The Knights finished the 10 round 8-way competition with 199 points and a National Championship.  GK8 topped the reigning National Champs, Arizona Airspeed, who finished with an impressive 191 points. (more…)

NHRA’S Antron Brown slows down from 300 MPH to 120.

Antron Browns team

Antron Brown and members of his team get ready to jump.

Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork. Antron Brown came out to spend the day with the Golden Knights Tandem Team and brought his team of crew chiefs and mechanics with him.  Teamwork is a very important part of the Golden Knights and the U.S. Army.  Without the “Team” it would be impossible for the Golden Knights to conduct everyday operations.  We rely on Team Six to fly and maintain our aircraft.  We rely on ground personnel to make sure the DZ and airspace are safe to jump.  We rely on each other during the jump to make sure the jump is conducted as safe as possible. We rely on our Headquarters to make sure all of the jumpers are taken care of.  We all come together to work as a team to accomplish the mission.  Antrons’ team got a close up look of Teamwork within the Golden Knights today.

SFC Michael Elliott placing helment, gloves and gogles on harness

Antron Brown exiting the Twin Otter

Antron Brown exiting the Twin Otter

Antron Brown is a NHRA Top Fuel driver.  He routinely drives from 0-300 MPH in just a few quick seconds. It’s hard to imagine what 300 MPH feels like in an automobile.  Today we decided to leave all engines and roll cages on the ground.  We didn’t quite make it to 300MPH but we came close.  Ok, it was only 120 MPH but like I said there was no engines to give us a boost, just gravity.  Antron started the day off showing his team how to perfectly jump out of an airplane.  SFC Mike Elliott accompanied Antron on his jump.  I think the team had a bet to see who could scream the loudest in free fall and under their parachute.  As each of the team members exited the air craft loud screams and huge grins were sure to be seen. and heard.

Antron Brown and SFC Mike Elliott

Antron Brown and SFC Mike Elliott

After a long day of jumping and great support from our aviation section “Team Six”.  Antron and 11 of his teammates jumped from 2 1/2 miles above the drop zone.  Everyone learned a little bit about team work and how the Army operates and a little about being Army Strong. Antron Heads off to Charlotte, NC this weekend for the Third annual NHRA Carolinas Nationals.

Perfect Landing
Antron Brown softly touches down.

Our Team Leader, SFC Mike Elliott finished his remarks by reciting a favorite quote: “An individual can win a game, but it takes a TEAM to win a Championship.”

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