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Golden Knights Selection 2010 has begun

SFC Tom Dunning welcomes candidates to the  2010 Assesment and Selection Program

SFC Tom Dunning welcomes candidates to the 2010 Assesment and Selection Program

That’s what it’s all about for sixteen individuals who are vying for a place with the U S Army Parachute Team Golden Knights. Two ladies and fourteen men crossed through the threshold of the headquarters facility’s historical museum of the Army’s only Department of Defense parachute team. (more…)

The Wind in Cleveland is Cramping our Style!

SSG Howie Sanborn looks on as MSG Charles Cooley addresses the students (photo by SGT Rachel Medley)

Cleveland is trying hard to take the title away from Chicago as “The Windy City,” and it seems this week that she may actually be succeeding. The winds have been relentless off Lake Erie for the past two days, today being the worst. The needle on the official airport anemometer (fancy word for wind meter) stayed steady at 30mph, with gusts well up over 40mph. (more…)

NASCAR Truck Driver Jennifer Cobb Takes to New Heights

Jennifer Cobb

Jennifer Cobb #NASCAR Camping world Truck series skydives with the Golden Knights

Several members of the Tandem Team returned to our home training site in Laurinburg, NC this week. The Team has been busy this summer traveling the country taking our tandem operations to the American People.

We have performed tandem camps in Beckley, WV; Ottawa, IL; Chicago IL; Cincinnati, OH and Addison TX.  Today we had another special guest with us for a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Jennifer Cobb a female truck driver in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series wanted to see what 120 MPH felt like outside of her truck.  SSG Joe Abeln gave the tandem briefing with cameras rolling from FOX Sports NASCAR.   (more…)

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