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Annual Certification Cycle Rolls On

The skies are blue in Homestead, Florida, where the Golden Knight’s Black and Gold demonstration teams and elite Tandem team are working hard to complete their Annual Certification Cycle.  The days start early in order to get as many training jumps as possible.   The demonstration teams have been working on all facets of the skills required to begin the show season.  These skills include various freefall formations, canopy relative work, target accuracy, and perfecting the narration used during our shows.

Canopy relative work, or CRW, is a newer component of parachuting where one jumper actually flies his parachute right into the hands of another jumper.  There are many different CRW formations that can be performed.   At the bottom of this page, you will see a seven stack built by the black demonstration team.

The newest members of the demonstration teams were in for a great treat with the arrival of Mr. Rob Reider.  Rob, an honorary Golden Knight and world renowned air show announcer, spent a few days sharing his experiences and knowledge with our up and coming narrators. 

The blue skies provide a perfect training environment for high altitude jumps, where the two teams are able to perfect their flights to perform a wide range of freefall formations.  Various team members wear red smoke on their legs to allow the spectator to see the formations from the ground. Once the outside jumpers reach 5,000 feet, they will each turn 180 degrees and streak to their opening point, creating a bomb burst with their smoke trails.  

The most important part of the jump, after the freefall formations and canopy work, is landing on the target.  Target accuracy is practiced and perfected every single jump during the two month certification period.  The jumper must be proficient in reading the wind conditions and maneuvering the parachute in order to land square on the target.

The tandem team has been busy training up the newest tandem instructors and providing tandem parachute jumps to various VIP’s.  The windy Florida weather has provided great experience to help this team prepare for their upcoming tandem camps.  There have been many happy faces coming off the drop zone thanks to this teams hard work.

The Golden Knights will continue to train hard in order to bring America’s Army to America’s Public.  We look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming shows!

Golden Knights First Demonstration of the Year


During the annual training in Homestead Florida the new team members learn what it means to become a professional demonstrator and the work that goes into it.  Over the weekend both the Black and Gold Demonstration Teams showed where all that hard work goes by jumping into the Homestead Rodeo.  Since the Golden Knights have been coming to Florida for their training they have also been jumping into the rodeo in support of the local community and to give the new members their first look at how to put on a performance.

 On Saturday the skies were blue with light winds making it perfect conditions for the jump.   As the team left the plane the cheers of the crowd below over took the music that was playing and the voice of the narrator SGT Trey Martin who flew in the POW/MIA flag.   The screams could even be heard by the jumpers after they opened their parachutes and lasted all the way till the last knight touched down.  Sunday was supposed to be a repeat of the fantastic performance except high winds and low clouds forced the team to cancel the jump just minutes before.  Even though the second jump did not happen the people of Homestead still showed their appreciation to the ground crew as they packed up.





Ending a Great Year

The Sun Bowl is the second oldest college bowl game in the United States right behind the Rose Bowl and is played at the end of the year in El Paso Texas.  For over 20 years the Golden Knights have had the honor of jumping in for the opening ceremonies making it a pregame tradition and the Gold Demonstration Team had the honor of carrying on that tradition. Unfortunately upon throwing the Wind Drift Indicators prior to the jump the winds were well over the limitations for the team to jump safely.  The team held out as long as possible before canceling but still gave fans a glimpse of Golden Knight Air by flying over the stadium all the way to kick off.  After landing and making it back to the stadium the team was still received well by the sponsors and loyal fans giving handshakes and hi-fives as the jumpers passed by.  Even though the jump was canceled no one was disappointed and the team was told that they will still be asked for again next year.


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