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Demo Teams Surprise Local School

The skies are looking bright and the Knights are soaring high. As the new fiscal year kicks off, the Demonstration teams are raring to begin performing.

During the past few months, the Demonstration teams have been training together to build on their collective flight skills and target precision. Our training days run the gamut from narration to Canopy Relative Work and big ways to accuracy landings. Below pictures an 11-way over our home drop zone, Laurinburg, NC, taken by SFC Joe Ablen.

Black and Gold Demo Team

Recently the Demonstration teams had the privilege of jumping into one of our local schools on Ft. Bragg, Albritton Middle School, for their Spirit Week. The teams combined their efforts to perform for the enthusiastic students. Gold Team’s, SGT Blake Gaynor, jumped first to test out the high winds over the school and to narrate the show for the rest of the jumpers. The team then did a baton pass, followed by a mass formation lead by the Gold Team Leader, SFC Dustin Peregrin.

Albriton Middle School

The baton was presented to Lora Tensley, who has served in our community’s school systems for the last 30 years. A few of Albritton’s eager students helped the jumpers pack up their parachutes to be jumped again soon, in the North Carolinian Blue Skies.

Parachute Packingbaton presentation (2)

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