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    • Ridoutjohn4

      John Knabb???  The only Knight I know of that went to Slipryrock.

  • Ahowrya

    We just saw the team jump at Tobyhanna today. Great! My 6 year old was happy to say he saw JD “Dallas” do his thing!

  • Secraig1

    THanks for coming to Twin Falls!  You guys are fabulous!!

  • Martinw16

    Are the Golden Knights coming to New York anytime soon?

  • pilk

    Are the golden knights jumping in ft lauderdale this weekend?

    • steve

      I saw their plane at FLL too!

  • Dennis

    Hope to meet you at Luke AFB, NAF El Centro or MCAS Yuma airshow in 2013, Regards Dennis, from The Netherlands, Europe

  • davidtg

    gaaak! nothing on the calendar yet? it’s the beginning of the year and i’m hunting for air shows and jumps to plan my 2013 schedule! :-)
    so when does the calendar get filled?

  • Jarrod Enos

    I hope the Golden Knights are coming to Jones Beach State Park, NY for this year!

  • Manjina

    There jumping into the homestead rodeo

  • Chuck

    Did we see a failed chute this morning? Is the Jumper ok?

  • Richard Baker

    I’ve been told that the 2013 schedule ends after April. Sad.
    Richard Baker
    D-14235 POPS #3668

  • Canasi

    Were you practicing over Miami tonight, August 24, 2013 around 10:15 P.M.?

  • Dan McIver

    Can you jump at our C5 picnic in Greensboro.NC on Nov 9 around 2pm . there will be 6000 kids/families at picnic? Thanks retired Infantry Major Dan McIver 336541 4579

  • Jeremy T Utterback

    Seen the Fokker 27 jump plane sitting in Philly today. Fat Albert and a bunch of cobras here also. Kinda cold for jumping. Are they headed somewhere?

  • Frank Verea

    Airborne all the way! Gentlemen I am writing you to ask for a favor for a little boy who has shown more courage than any man I have had the privilege of serving with. The young man lives here in the Dallas area and has terminal cancer. There is nothing more they can do for him and he has been informed of the fact. This on top of having his left arm removed in order to try and stop the cancer. This young man faced that and said no problem Now that he knows that his life will be gone soon has stood up and is facing it with all the courage that a grown soldier might show when facing a overwhelming enemy. You can verify his story on WFAA channel 8 webpage. I saw on your calendar that your are in the middle of doing your certifications this month but if you can come to Dallas and maybe do a jump with him it would mean a great deal to him for he is made of the metal all Paratroopers are cut from.

  • Jack

    Ya’ll need to include City and State in yoru descriptions. (e.g. I have no idea whether the “Salute to Veterans Airshow” is near me, or not?) How can people plan to come see you jump, if they don’t even know WHERE you will be?

  • Jerry B

    I saw some pictures of you landing at the FAU stadium near Boca Raton airport this morning. Will there be more practice jumps or that was a one time deal?