TEAM SIX Flies Through WEEKS 2015-03(02-06)(09-13)

IMG_6386Maintenance, it never ends, is one of life’s perpetual tasks. We maintain our person, our equipment, and here at Team Six, our Aircraft. These past two weeks we salute our Maintenance Personnel, who work tirelessly (no pun intended… we definitely need tires) to ensure peak levels of performance at all times. This past week, Aircraft # 262, our eldest Twin Otter, went under the ratchet set for her Equivalent Maintenance Maximum Availability Inspection, also known as an EMMA. For you non-Aviation readers, consider this inspection similar to your standard vehicle tune-up and detail. Now, after two months of vigorous performance in the salt-permeated air of Southern Florida, and safely making the trip back home to Pope AAF, “Mr. President,” as many of us dub Aircraft # 262 (named after Former President George W. Bush, Sr.) runs as smooth as ever! Next week our remaining aircraft will return home to Pope and our Maintenance experts will go to task again as always, ensuring safe and efficient vertical transport for our jumpers and pilots. So for these past two weeks, many long-forgotten weeks, and many more weeks to come, to our Maintenance Support Team, we salute you.




TEAM SIX BLOG WEEK 2015-02(23-27)

150210-A-XXXXX-001Welcome back to the Team Six Blog. If you are here reading this now, then maybe you are interested in how our prostrations to Sky Six from last week fared. Well, we can tell this much… the skies lifted… somewhat… and the winds abated… somewhat. This week communication was the name of the game. Team Six, and all the teams, for that matter, jumped (pun intended) on each and every fleeting moment the weather even hinted that it would give a window of opportunity. Frequent calls were made from the drop zone to the flight line and back again, querying the crews on duty, making assessments of weather reports and available forecasts, always ready at a moment’s notice. The end result was a successful week of all-around training despite the less than perfect weather. Even with reduced max altitudes and wind spike delays, all teams maintained incessant communication working within available clearances and defeating all trepidation of insufficient lifts and jumps.


IMG_5191Folks back home in North Carolina endured some heavy weather this past week and the Team Room was brimming with talk of icy roads and wintery conditions. The poor jumping conditions spanned up and down the coast as low ceilings and gusty winds shortened training opportunities on Wednesday and Thursday here at Homestead. Try as hard as we might, Team Six climbed high into the air every day this week in effort to get as close to Sky Six as possible to hear our cries to chase away the clouds and rebuke the winds, but nay, not a word from the heavens above and more blustery weather in the forecast. Perhaps next week will deliver more accommodating conditions for us to continue to capitalize on the tremendous training momentum built over these past six weeks. “

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