Black Team Completes Diamond Tracks During Week Four

Hitfter-crossBoth tracking partners simultaneously exit our distinctly painted US Army C31 Friendship Aircraft at an altitude of twelve thousand five hundred feet. Their goal is to create a diamond in the sky with their smoke trails and then turn one hundred and eighty degrees just to streak back towards one another, creating a dramatic cross in the sky with combined closing speeds of up to three hundred miles per hour.


Assistant Team Leader SFC Teigh Statler has continued to coach, mentor, and motivate the black demonstration team as we began our fourth week of training which consisited of the diamond track maneuver, canopy relative work, and mass formation jumps. The diamond track maneuver requires each jumper to manipulate their bodies while flying towards each other using their hands, arms, legs and shoulders as flight controls to safely and precisely complete the difficult diamond track maneuver, crossing within what appears to be inches of each other from the ground.

The team is extremely positive with the progression of each of our maneuvers as well as the camaraderie that continues to build with six weeks remaining of our training here in Homestead, FL. The team begins our night training this coming week !


Blue Skies

Black Team !

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Black Team Completed Baton Pass Maneuvers During Week Three

IMG_6986The Black Demonstration Team took advantage of the blue, yet chilly skies above Homestead Air Reserve Base during week three of our ACC with focus on our baton pass maneuvers. The baton pass shows the basic maneuverability of the human body while both jumpers are gaining speeds up to 120 miles per hour.

Each two man team exits the C31 Friendship aircraft simultaneously as they begin to glide apart gaining separation while using their hands, arms, legs and shoulders as flight controls. Both jumpers turn and face each other in preparation for the 14 inch mahogany baton exchange, which is typically presented to selected COI’s and VIP’s at air shows and various performances throughout the country. Once the two team members make contact they begin to form 120 mile per hour spirals in the sky with their red smoke trails and then separate prior to deploying their main canopies.

In addition to the team successfully completing our required training for baton passes during week three, we have dedicated our first jump each morning (weather permitting) to canopy relative work with our assigned tracking partners.







Each team has made tremendous progression from the two-stack canopy relative work maneuver into our side-by-side and down-plane maneuvers. The motivation and drive for our team to continue to strive for perfection, safety, and trust in one another improves each and every day. With that trust and confidence in one another, we move into week four with the diamond track maneuvers.

Blue Skies



66th Annual Homestead Championship Rodeo

C130moonWeb_2782 Members of the Black Demonstration Team jumped into the annual Homestead Rodeo on Sunday celebrating the 66th year for the Rodeo. Unfortunately on Saturday the brisk winds and low ceiling prevented the Gold Team jump into the rodeo, but fans cheered as the teams C31 Friendship circled high above the stands.linevanweb2714

There were hundreds of excited fans, Boy Scouts, vendors and of course beautiful Rodeo Queens enjoying the day’s events.  The US Army Recruiters booth was at the front gate, where the Golden Knights greeted the public and signed autographs  and the Marine Color Guard stood at attention as the National Anthem was sung by a local young lady.

The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Rodeo was held at the “Doc” Demilly Rodeo Arena at Tom Harris Field, which is the only one held in the Miami Dade County.

We are delighted to return to our winter training home and beautiful town of Homestead, which is the gateway to the Everglades and Biscayne National Parks.


SSG David Echeverry fliesin his Florida home state flag

SSG David Echeverry fliesin his Florida home state flag


SFC Clark

SFC Clark


SGT Downing

SGT Downing


Signing autographs


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