Nothing Can Stop Black Team…Not Even a Tornado!

As most of you probably saw on the news last week, there were several tornadoes that swept through the state of North Carolina on Saturday. Black Team happened to be doing a show close to home in Goldsboro, NC at the Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, about a two hour drive from the Team’s home base of Fort Bragg.

Black team flies a symmetrical formation over Goldsboro, NC (photo by SGT Dan Cook)

Friday was beautiful with clear blue skies and a light breeze…nothing about the weather gave a clue to what was coming the next day! The Team did a practice media jump in front of a gathering of Make-A-Wish kids, and were a big hit.

SSG Howie Sanborn signs a Golden Knights brochure for one of the Make-A-Wish kids (photo by SGT Dan Cook)

Saturday was windy from the start, and the early jump time (10am) was the saving grace for getting the jump off. The winds were teetering on the upper limit of 20mph, and just a few minutes after the Team landed, the winds picked up to over 30mph. Needless to say, the wind only got stronger as the edge of the storm system passed by Goldsboro later that afternoon.

One of the Team members gives an autographed brochure to a young fan (photo by SGT Rachel Medley)

Saturday was like Friday, and people could hardly remember the stormy weather of yesterday. Blue, clear, and breezy with an enthusiastic crowd. The Team completed all three scheduled jumps…despite multiple tornadoes!

Golden Knights win ASB NCO and Soldier of the Year

From Left to Right, SFC Dunning (Sponsor for the NCO and Soldier of the Year), SPC Stahler (ASB Soldier of the Year), SSG Phillips (ASB NCO of the Year), SGM Young (USAPT Sergeant Major)

SSG Phillips and SPC Stahler, both of the Army Parachute Team, recently competed for the titles of Non-Commisioned Officer and Soldier of the Year for the Accessions Support Brigade. Both competitiors endured a grueling three days of stiff competition. Starting with an Army Physical Fitness Test and ending in an eight hour ride home in a very crowded sedan. (more…)

Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Black Team Performance

Story and photos by SGT Rachel Medley and SGT Dan Cook

Everybody knows that Rome was NOT built in a day, and that in order to do anything right, it takes time and preparation. Putting on a freefall demonstration is no momentary or spontaneous feat…and the great deal of preparation that takes place in the days leading up to it are rarely seen by anyone outside the Team.

One of the advance man's duties is to schedule the fuel truck to deliver fuel to the GK aircraft throughout the show. Here, SGT Sean Holland preps the C-31 to receive fuel in Corpus Christi, TX this past weekend (photo by SGT Rachel Medley)

When a person watches the Golden Knights perform an aerial demonstration, the immediate visual experience is thrilling! It starts from two and a half miles above the earth with the smoke, the bomb-burst and the flags flying on the parachutes followed by each Team member landing inside of a 12-inch circle one after the other in quick succession. It’s breathtaking! But if each spectator could see into the inner workings of every performance (more…)

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