Black Team Opens the 2011 Season

Every year brings a new show season. It is the culmination of the months spent in Golden Knights Assessment and Selection, hundreds of training jumps and hours of endless training in Homestead, Florida. After every winter training, the Team always has to answer the question, “Was it enough?” This year, Black Team can respond with a resounding, “Yes!”

The Black Demonstration Team had the privilege of introducing two new Team members this year, both of whom were put to the test in front of hundreds of thousands of onlookers! They joined the Team in performing five mass formations for the American Public, from 12,500 feet.

Black Team performed a media show on Friday afternoon for the “Practice day.” Keesler AFB spectators were the first to witness our 2011 team, along with some other first-time 2011 performances, including the Blue Angels.

The Team continued to wow the crowd as they performed twice on Saturday. First, was a mass formation with a show line spread. This is where the Team lands all along the show line, ensuring every patron witnesses a close up view of a Golden Knight landing. After walking along the show line and interacting with the audience at the Army recruiter booth, they quickly returned to the skies.

The second show included a Team line-up where SFC Will Fleming took the honor of standing in front of his 2011 Demonstration Team for the first time.

Perfect weather greeted the Team throughout the weekend, allowing them to perform all five of the scheduled jumps. Sunday turned out another great day of Black Team performances, as well as the rest of the air show line-up.

Black Team proves ready for whatever 2011 can send our way. You can follow the Team on Twitter @ArmyGK

Leadership and Army Values Are Vital to the Golden Knights

SSG Adrian Hill (Black Team new guy) practices his show salute during training Thursday (photo by SGT Dan Cook)

There are some traditions in the Golden Knights that can trace their roots far deeper than the Team’s 50-year lifespan. While the Black and Gold canopies and air show performances are signatures of the US Army Parachute Team, the Army Values and good, old-fashioned mentorship are what REALLY holds this Team together.

The Non-Commissioned Officer (the rank of Sergeant and above) has been known for generations as the “Backbone of the Army.” On them rests the responsibility to teach, train, and lead the Soldiers in their charge. Every member of the Golden Knights (more…)

UFO’s over Homestead, Florida?

Early morning Two-Stack

UFO’s over Homestead, Florida? No, its the US Army Parachute Team! Each year during winter training, the Golden Knights conduct one round of night jump operations to maintain¬†currency and proficiency. Each demonstration team will make three to five jumps, beginning with a stack out at 4000 feet, then a canopy relative work pass,then working their way up to a mass formation at 13,500 feet. (more…)

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