Black Team LOVES Texas

Black Team Assistant Team Leader SSG Brandon Valle moments after landing. SSG Valle is a native of North Richland Hills, a suburb of Fort Worth (photo by Jared Schnelle)

And it’s a good thing, too, because they’ve been spending a lot of time there in the past month…first El Paso, a couple of weeks ago, just now wrapping up in Fort Worth and then heading to San Antonio Thursday. (more…)

Black and Gold Canopies at Dolphin’s Stadium in Miami, FL

Black Team forms a stack over the Dolphin's Stadium in Miami (photo by SGT Rachel Medley)

Black Team jumped into the Sun Life Stadium this afternoon to open the half-time show as the Miami Dolphins went against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The fans went crazy…especially the Steelers fans, due to the fact that the canopies were black and gold: Pittsburgh colors! True to form, the Florida weather was predictably unpredictable, and in the hour leading up to the jump we had everything from showers, sun, clouds, blue sky, wind, no wind…and luckily when the second quarter of the game ended the weather just so happened to be cooperating. (more…)

Perfect Fall Day for Training

SSG Brandon Valle flies the Army Star canopy with the American flag (photo by SGT Rachel Medley)

Days like today make it easy to endure all the hot, humid, miserable summer days. Bright blue skies, gentle breeze, and 70 degrees…Black Team couldn’t ask for better training weather. We shared the aircraft with the tryouts all day and completed five jumps. (more…)

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