Former Golden Knights Ashes Spread over Raeford Drop Zone

Two former members of the Golden Knights ashes were spread over Raeford Drop Zone. Norris Hargett who was one of the original pilots assigned to the USAPT with the Golden Knights Aviation Section. Hargett served three tours on the team, and his exemplary flying skills helped the Team to win more than 50 titles. One of the most dedicated alumni members, Ronnie J. Smith former Black Team Demonstrator, spent over six years with the team and continued to do school presentations and demonstrations representing the team until the very end.


Black Team Training Day

Black Team forms the first point of a two-point formation during training over Laurinburg, NC (photo by SGT Rachel Medley)

The crowds at air shows are great, but sometimes it’s nice to get down to basics and train with just the grass below and the blue sky above. Black Team got away from the spotlight today and completed eight jumps at the Golden Knights’ training drop zone in Laurinburg, NC. (more…)

The Wind in Cleveland is Cramping our Style!

SSG Howie Sanborn looks on as MSG Charles Cooley addresses the students (photo by SGT Rachel Medley)

Cleveland is trying hard to take the title away from Chicago as “The Windy City,” and it seems this week that she may actually be succeeding. The winds have been relentless off Lake Erie for the past two days, today being the worst. The needle on the official airport anemometer (fancy word for wind meter) stayed steady at 30mph, with gusts well up over 40mph. (more…)

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