An NCO is Born

A Promotion Ceremony and Reenlistment for newly promoted SGT Jesse Stahler was held Thursday at the Golden Knights’ Headquarters on Ft. Bragg, NC.  SGT Stahler is the newest member of the Golden Knights’ Competition Team.  Within his MOS, 92R- Parachute Rigger, SGT Stahler achieved the rank of SGT by accumulating enough Promotion Points to make the cutoff.  These points were earned by outstanding military performance combined with civilian and military education.  SGT Stahler went as far as donating blood platelets for use at Womack Army Medical Center to earn a few additional promotion points.

"Attention to Orders." SPC Stahler with wife Lauren and son Kai

SGT Stahler was promoted by his wife, Lauren Stahler, with his son Kai close by.  SGT Stahler and  his wife are expecting their second child this September and were both very pleased with the new promotion.  All of SGT Stahler’s Teammates in attendence were also proud to witness another high quality Soldier join the NCO Corps, and welcomed him accordingly.  The “Backbone of the Army” just got a little stronger!

MAJ Gammon Congratulates SGT Stahler with son Kai

Golden Knights Promote Three of Their Own







This week, the US Army Parachute Team promoted three of their own to the rank of Sergeant First Class.  SFC Drew Starr, SFC Scott Janise and SFC Laura Dickmeyer, along with previously promoted SFC Dannielle Woosley, SFC Josh Coleman and SFC Justin Blewitt, are all members of the Golden Knights Competition Team and have contributed to putting the “Gold” in Golden Knight multiple times over the past three years. (more…)

Competition Team Starts Strong in 2012

The Golden Knights 8way Team won Gold at the 2012 Indoor Skydiving Championships held at the Paraclete XP wind tunnel in Raeford, NC.  With 11 total 8way teams competing, GK8 set a new team best high score of 289 points in 10 rounds, 54 points ahead of the 2nd place team XPX 8. (more…)

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