Style and Accuracy at US Nationals 2010

The Golden Knight Style and Accuracy Team competed in the United States Parachute Association National Championships for 2010, this past week at Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, Illinois.  The Team consisted on SFC Elisa Tennyson, SSG Dannielle Woosley, SSG Christopher Acevedo and SSG Laura Dickmeyer.  The events were Classic Accuracy and Style.  Classic Accuracy is a team and individual event in which jumpers exit the aircraft at approximately 3300 feet above the ground and fly their parachutes to a 2cm yellow dot on an inflated air tuffet on the ground.  (more…)

Gold Medals and a National Record

GK8 walks off the dropzone after round 10 of 8-way at the 2010 US Nationals Skydiving Competition

Training and dedication has finally paid off for the Golden Knights’ 8-way competition team.  GK8 is bringing home the Gold from the 2010 US National Skydiving Competition at Skydive Chicago.  The Knights finished the 10 round 8-way competition with 199 points and a National Championship.  GK8 topped the reigning National Champs, Arizona Airspeed, who finished with an impressive 191 points. (more…)

GK 4way earns Bronze, despite limited training

With the Golden Knights 8way Team focusing solely on the 8way event for the 2010 season, there were no high expectations for the 4way event at the US Nationals competition.  However, relying on previous training experience, the Golden Knights Gold 4way team placed 3rd after 10 rounds of competition at Skydive Chicago.   A very impressive accomplishment considering that most top teams make hundreds of training jumps in preparation for the US Nationals.  The Gold 4way team (SFC Brian Krause, SFC Matt Davidson, SFC Kurt Isenbarger, SSG Sean Sweeney, and SFC Larry Miller-video) finished the meet with 22o total points after 10 rounds.

The 8way competition will kick off first thing in the morning, and expectations are high.  Follow the action at

Golden Knights Gold 4way Team with National Champion Arizona Airspeed

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