GK 4way earns Bronze, despite limited training

With the Golden Knights 8way Team focusing solely on the 8way event for the 2010 season, there were no high expectations for the 4way event at the US Nationals competition.  However, relying on previous training experience, the Golden Knights Gold 4way team placed 3rd after 10 rounds of competition at Skydive Chicago.   A very impressive accomplishment considering that most top teams make hundreds of training jumps in preparation for the US Nationals.  The Gold 4way team (SFC Brian Krause, SFC Matt Davidson, SFC Kurt Isenbarger, SSG Sean Sweeney, and SFC Larry Miller-video) finished the meet with 22o total points after 10 rounds.

The 8way competition will kick off first thing in the morning, and expectations are high.  Follow the action at  http://www.skydivechicago.com/Events/2010USPANationals/Scores/tabid/250/Default.aspx

Golden Knights Gold 4way Team with National Champion Arizona Airspeed

Video: One Day with Golden Knights Style and Accuracy Team

Want to know what a Accuracy competitor goes through on a daily basis? This video is just 3 jumps of a 10 to 15 jump day.

2010 US Nationals- Waiting on Clouds

Teams gather for opening remarks and welcome

Up early at 5am, the 8way Team was greeted by rain and clouds for the first day of competition at Skydive Chicago. The plan was a 15 minute call at 6:45 for a 7am takeoff. The Golden Knights Black 4 Way Team ( SGT Mike LaRoche, SSG Josh Coleman, SSG Matt Acord, SSG Justin Blewitt and SSG Drew Starr) are team 401 and are scheduled for load one. The clouds are expected to clear early this afternoon. (more…)

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